Colorblind Unaware Colorchoice

As I switched my domain to a few weeks ago, I lost my Google PageRank. While waiting for the next PageRank update I came across the LousigerBlick blog and had quite some problems deciphering it. This is definitely a good example of a colorblind unaware colorchoice.

Below you can see an actual screenshot of its design. Because of my almost red-blindness I have great difficulties in reading the normal text which is in a dark gray tone (is that right?). Links and titles which are white are no problem to distinguish from the background color, but when hovering over the links in a first glance they look like as if they would disappear as they are also turning gray.

LousigerBlick Blog

Before you release your design ask yourself if you did a color blindness check, used a colorblind web page filter or made a color contrast analysis. There are many tools available to check your choice of colors; don’t wait; do it now if you didn’t do it before.