Truelight Color Vision Test

Certain jobs in the film industry definitely require very good color vision. If you need to adjust specific hues and find a good balance of the colors in a picture, color vision deficiency would be quite a big handicap.

Just the other day I took a picture of a rainbow. It was such a beautiful one, but I couldn’t see the color spectrum so I had to ask my son, if it is really a nice one where you can spot the whole color spectrum. The same would happen if I would work as a professional in the film industry: Either I could ask somebody for help or I just would fail. My color blindness is just to strong to deliver good work.

Truelight Color Vision Test

Truelight Color
Vision Test

FilmLight is a leading company in the film industry and provides a simple online color blindness test on their website. This way you can perform a first check if you are ready to work with moving pictures. Can you spot the T? Check out their website to see the whole Truelight color vision test picture.

This color blindness test picture consists of three lines each showing six T’s. Four of them should be visible and you should be able to tell their orientation. You should also be able to guess the fifth correctly and the sixth is just visible under perfect conditions. The three lines of T’s relate to the three different types protan, deutan, and tritan color vision defects. The test is based on the color blindness confusion lines.

You can’t see anything? — No worries. I can only spot two T’s in the last line. Only if I bend my laptop display back and forth I see two more T’s, but not more.

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