Colorblind Web Page Filter

The Colorblind Web Page Filter is a great web application to get an impression how a web page is viewed by people affected by any kind of color blindness. After indicating the URL and choosing the appropriate color filter the view is directly shown inside the browser window.

Colorblind Web Page Filter

Filters and Settings Box

In addition to the web page a settings box is shown on top of the page. This box offers all the different color filters and does switch the view after choosing a new filter. As well some settings concerning scripts, images and CSS can directly be adjusted. Turning off images makes the transformation process remarkably faster. But this usually isn’t appropriate because images are an important design element in web pages which shouldn’t be underestimated.

To get an impression what it looks like try one of these direct links:

Maybe you should check your own web page or blog to find some potentially blind spots. Remember, there are between 8% and 12% of men affected by some kind of color blindness. If you count on visitors, count on the colorblinds too.

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Direct link to Colorblind Web Page Filter.