RGB Anomaloscope — Color Blindness Test

The following tool is a very simple red-green color blindness test. Just try to match the two colors you see in the boxes below. You can get a match while using the slider below the left box. If you get an exact match, press Match OK and if you can’t match them use the No Match possible! button. That’s all.

The first anomaloscope was developed in the 20th century and since then it is the most accurate color blindness test instrument used by eye specialists all around the world.

An anomaloscope is based on a color match. Two different light sources have to be matched to the same color. On one side you have a yellow color which can be adjusted in brightness. The other side consists of a red and a green light whereas the proportion of mixture is variable.

As every color on a computer display is made up from the three base colors red, green, and blue, an anomaloscope can’t really be reproduced online. So this red-green color blindness test is just a simple reproduction with room for improvement.

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