New Release of Color Blindness Simulator

The online Color BLIndness Simulator is a quite popular tool as many people are looking for a way to simulate some form of color vision deficiency. Usually if you hear about this handicap it’s very strange to think about, what the other person which suffers from color blindness really sees.

The first version the Color BLIndness Simulator was up and running now for many years and it was time to give it a fresh look and feel and some powerful new functionality. This was possible with the great work of MaPePeR who was inspired by my tool and took it to a new level. He made it much faster and added some really cool features to it:

  • Drag and drop your image or use the old-fashioned upload button.
  • Zoom in and out with incredible speed.
  • Use a lens to see the difference between the normal image and the chosen simulation.

All those enhancements were put together by him into a library called jsColorblindSimulator. I would like to thank MaPePeR very much for this great work!

color-blindness-simulatorAs with the first version it is still possible to simulate all forms of color vision deficiency:

There is also a very colorful initial image available which can be converted into the different types of color vision deficiencies. This way you don’t even need to use your own images.

The new version also includes the better algorithm from HCIRN by Matthew Wickline. If this new version would not be working correctly on your browser (as it uses more modern technologies) the old first version is still available as Coblis1.

I very much hope you enjoy the new Color BLIndness Simulator and happy simulating ;-).