Colour Blindness: Causes and Effects

Colour Blindness - Causes and Effects

Colour Blindness – Causes and Effects

The book Colour Blindness: Causes and Effects was written by Donald McIntyre in 2002. It is a great introduction for the general reader into the topic of color vision and its deficiencies, and discusses many different topics related to color blindness.

Donald McIntyre is colorblind himself and was in contact with many people doing research into color vision and color vision deficiences while writing this book. He compiled an excellent overview with many up to date details about the latest findings in the field of color vision deficiency.

The book is split into two equal parts, starting with the basics of color vision in the first part: The causes of Color Blindness. This part also includes a detailed overview of the different types of color vision deficiency and descriptions of some color blindness tests, which can be used to identify and classify your specific deficiency.

In part 2: The effects of Colour Blindness, McIntyre asked himself: “What is it like to be colorblind?” He researched different areas and has some answers ready for you, fitting into the following four chapters:

  1. The appearance of colours: including a discussion and samples of how colorblind people see the world.
  2. Everyday life: about art, sport, food and more, and the awareness of a color vision deficiency.
  3. Careers: a great overview with some detailed information on professions and their suitability to color blindness.
  4. Techniques that may help: like the Seekey or colored contact lenses.

There is one point concerning the book which I think could have be done much better: The Bibliography. The book provides a huge source of detailed information on almost every topic attached to color blindness. But when it comes to the sources of those information the author fails. In a book which acts like a well prepared aggregation I’m also expecting a very comprehensive list of sources to get deeper information if I would like to learn more about a specific topic.

Overall Colour Blindness: Causes and Effects is a great and easy readable book about color vision deficiency which I recommend everybody interested in the topic. Not only if you are colorblind yourself, but it can also be a great source of information for parents, spouses or teachers.

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