Color Blindness Simulator: New Tool Released on Colblindor

Did you ever wonder how it looks like to be colorblind? It is not easy at all to describe color blindness in words. But it is much easier to show it on an image, if you have the right tool.

Color Blindness Simulator
Color Blindness Simulator

Just today I released a second tool on Colblindor. I call it Coblis, a very effective color blindness simulator.

Coblis is based on Michael’s color matrix from ColorJack. Basically the tool manipulates the colors of an image in such a way, that the result is the same image as seen by a particular type of colorblind people.

Let’s have a look what exactly you can do with the color blindness simulator:

  • Choose from nine different color vision types.
  • All possible color vision deficiencies can be simulated.
  • Try out image manipulation with a sample image…
  • …or upload your own image to change its colors as colorblind people perceive them.

The following gallery should give you a quite good impression of what you can do with the tool. If you start with the image in the center the color blindness simulator will produce the following color blindness views (clockwise): Red-Blind/Protanopia, Green-Blind/Deuteranopia, Blue-Blind/Tritanopia, Red-Weak/Protanomaly, Green-Weak/Deuteranomaly, Blue-Weak/Tritanomaly, Monochromacy/Achromatopsia, and Blue Cone Monochromacy.

Color Blindness Simulator: Example Picture
Color Blindness Simulator: Example Picture (taken by Gaetan Lee)

If you haven’t tried it out yet, this is the time to go and check out Coblis, my color blindness simulator. Comments are very welcome.