Survey on Colour Deficiency Applications

I was contacted by Maria, a visitor of She is doing a survey about color blindness, how this affects daily routine and if some color vision deficiency tools could help to improve the situation. Hereafter you can find her short call to join her survey.

Please spend just two minutes to help her out. Thanks – Daniel from Colblindor.

I am Maria Soto, a student enrolled in the Degree in Optics and Optometry at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ( For my final year project, I plan to undertake research on colour deficiency applications for smartphones or PCs in order to discover if these are useful or not.
An important part of my work will involve sending a questionnaire to a large group of colour deficiency subjects. The aim is to gain information regarding possible difficulties in daily activities that those people could have experienced in their lives.
If you want participate, in this link you will find the questionnaire:
Online Survey on Color Blindness.
Thank you for your participation.
Maria Soto

Early Preview of Color Blind Check App

Right now I’m working on a Color Blindness Test App for Android devices. I know, it’s really in a very very early stage of development, but the results of the already working part of this App are looking very promising.


Sorry for the bad quality and maybe you won’t even see the color-shifted spots. But the video should only give you a feeling on what this color blindness check is all about and how it could look like in the future.

The results are looking promising, because if I take the test as is, I can’t see the colored parts in the test, when they move along the protan confusion line. Or in other words: Most of the time I can spot the parts, which are slowly changing color into a certain color-direction, as fast as my non-colorblind kids. But as soon as the color shift is along my area of color blindness, I suddenly can’t spot it anymore (“Dad, can’t you see that! :-) “).

The tests still needs a huge amount of work. But I hope one time I can release it as a real, working color blindness test which gives you some really good results concerning your type of color vision deficiency as well as the severity of it.