“Colourblind as all we are”

Are you living in the Hong Kong area? Riddick Ning contacted me quite a while ago as they were putting together an art show to raise the awareness of color vision deficiency. He wrote:

“Nice to meet you. I am a colourblind artist based in Hong Kong. This Apr/May I will be curating an art exhibition with the title “Colourblind As All We Are”, using new media art and a new approach to arose the social awareness in Hong Kong. I will be inviting people with normal vision but different profession to join the exhibition to crossover and jam art works, including video artists, graphic designers etc.

Your 50 facts comes in handy when I talked to those don’t know much about colourblindness. I want to ask for your permission allowing me and my team to translate, edit a bit to fit the Hong Kong audiences, and transform the information into graphics and text to post online and used in the artwork.”

This all sounds pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to see some pictures or videos of the event.

24th of May til 22nd of June 2014

Colourblind as all we are - front
Colourblind as all we are – front

Colourblind as all we are-02
Colourblind as all we are – back

On the back side of the postcard he writes:

“Although there are approximately 300’000 people in Hong Kong suffering from CVD, this number does not seem to alarm anybody in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong government. To raise the social awareness of CVD, Colourblind As All We Are challenges audiences that we are all colourblind in an artistic way.”

Thanks for this new idea and effort and hopefully they really can raise the awareness of color blindness.