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Firefox Extension – Colorful Tabs

At this very moment I stumbled accross the Firefox extension Colorful Tabs. After installing it you get your tabs showed in very nice colors. I was eager to know if I can distinguish the chosen tab colors as well or if I can’t, so it was installed immediately. After restarting Firefox it looked like the picture shown below.

Firefox Extension Colorful Tabs
Firefox Extension Colorful Tabs in Action

Very nice. And I can even see the different colors. On the first sight it looks good but on the second I start realizing that I can’t find the active tab that easily anymore. All the colors distract my eyes and confuse me. The border which is shown and the bold text on the active tab are not enough for me.

Do I get distracted because of my color blindness or do you have the same problem?

First Google Hit

Today the first visitor through a Google search landed on my page. He or she was looking for the keywords: crayola gold medal box crayons. Hmmm. Not really the keywords I want to be found through, but it’s ok, I mean, it really is the first visit coming from Google.

Just yesterday I tried to optimize the page to be a bit more accurate on my topics:

  • color blindness
  • colorblind
  • color vision deficiency
  • red-green color blindness

So let’s see if Google starts crawling my page and I’ll get some hits on this topics in the future.


I just adjusted my favicon. Can anybody see anything? Because – I can not. I mean, I can see the circle but no number. And you should see one inside the circle. Maybe it is just a bit to small.