Colorblind Painter

Miller is a painter and studying arts at the Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. And he is not just a painter but a colorblind painter.

It needs quite a bit of courage for such a decision. As a colorblind you know that you will never ever see the colors the same way as others do. There are no studies where you can learn it, nobody who can ever teach you. You will have to stick to it for the whole lifetime, knowing that you are always a colorblind painter and not just a painter.

“I have a more unbiased approach when I come into (painting). I don’t have the idea in my head of what would work with this, what would not. It gives me the option to experiment more.”

Through this a colorblind painter is not distracted by good matching colors or complementary colors. As Miller says, he can put more an eye on the action that’s created with different color combinations.

Or in other words: Don’t get distracted by your color blindness but try to turn it into an advantage.

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