Colorful Peacock

I enjoy going to the zoo very much. And as we are a big family now we even have a season card for the local zoo.

Christopher wrote about Finding Color at the Zoo. So what does a colorblind guy do with his camera handy and looking for some nice shots to take? – He is also looking for colorful pictures; even if this sounds a bit contradicting.

Here is the most colorful picture I took at my last visit. It’s the very colorful eye on the tail of a peacock.

Peacock Eye

Peacock Eye

And here are the colors I can perceive through my colorblind eyes. Starting from the middle going outwards.

  • very dark blue, almost black
  • dark blue
  • light blue
  • reddish-green or brown?
  • yellow
  • again a light blue

Now it would be interesting to know: How far away are my colors from to the reality? And what colors do you see?