Colorful Peacock

I enjoy going to the zoo very much. And as we are a big family now we even have a season card for the local zoo.

Christopher wrote about Finding Color at the Zoo. So what does a colorblind guy do with his camera handy and looking for some nice shots to take? – He is also looking for colorful pictures; even if this sounds a bit contradicting.

Here is the most colorful picture I took at my last visit. It’s the very colorful eye on the tail of a peacock.

Peacock Eye
Peacock Eye

And here are the colors I can perceive through my colorblind eyes. Starting from the middle going outwards.

  • very dark blue, almost black
  • dark blue
  • light blue
  • reddish-green or brown?
  • yellow
  • again a light blue

Now it would be interesting to know: How far away are my colors from to the reality? And what colors do you see?

13 responses on “Colorful Peacock

  1. Isabel

    Dear Daniel,
    I’d like to know if you sell your pictures, I’m interesting in use this peacock image for my brochure. Please contact me.

  2. Severin

    Going from the middle to the upper left through the eyes of a non-colorblind person:

    Black, really dark blue, the blue starts getting a bit lighter and some slightly brown hues appear, then you have the first circle surrounding the middle Pacman-shaped figure. That circle is light blue ad its outer edges are greenish/brownish/greyish. The next circle (shaped like an egg) is light brown. This in turn is surrounded by a light yellow border which is surrounded by a light purple border (although the latter isn’t too visible here compared to the sharper, lower left corner of the “egg”). All this is suurounded by greenish feathers.

    I hope this made some sense. It’s sort of difficult to explain, as the colours on the given picture tend to melt into each-other. Some are sort of borderline colours as well, for example the light yellow border could be described as light green by some and so on.

  3. Melissa

    Hey, I was wondering if I could use this peacock feather for my avatar and in my banner for my clothing line I’m starting. It would be great.
    Contact Me :)

  4. gus

    hi, can i use your picture as a background for the greeting banner of our mayor here in the philippines? its just one banner?

  5. Daniel Flück Post author

    Gus, you can find the photo at Flickr (Link). I released it under the attribution licence, so you are free to use it, share it, manipulate it, whatever. A link to Colblindor of course would be great.

  6. Tanya

    Hi Daniel, I love you photo of the peacock I am a Graphic design student in my third year and currently doing a project which involves birds, would you happen to have side shoots of the peacock or any other bird that i could use in my project, as my photography skills are not up to scratch. i will name you as phoographer if your photo is used. is this okay?

  7. Mark Beaumont


    Interesting that you make reference to reddish-green, which as I am sure you realise, is not meant to exist for those with full range of color. Since you selected this colorful shot using two thirds of the information available, it is unsurprising that it should still be a treat on the normal eye, this I find.

    It is interesting how patterns in nature take natural progressive continuous spectra. In this case it appears to correspond to the continuum between your first (or second but it looks like first) and third cone type’s predominance via grey

    It is quite easy to imagine how rich your colour world still is even from the mind perspective of a ‘normal’ who knows different

    Yes and so as not to dissapoint, ciorresponding with your areas –

    Slightly purple blue (royal blue)
    Light- pale sl greenish blue
    Pale reddish brown
    What appears to be a halo purple at one side, turquoise at the other
    Bottle (slight bluish) green



  8. Alish G.

    Thanks for this site. I’m doing reasearch for a project on colorblindness, and it’s been extremely helpful.

    Oh, and about the peacock?
    Deep blue
    Sky blue

    ?? I’m not color-deficient as far as I know.