Stroop Test – Can You Read the Colors?

In case you’re not colorblind, naming a color is an easy thing. But naming a color if it is a colored word of another color name (e.g. green) is definitely not that easy to accomplish.

Stroop Test
Stroop Test

The Stroop Test was described by John Ridley Stroop back in 1935. He took some color names and just colored them differently. Try it out yourself with the graphics below. Don’t read the words but say aloud the color names you see.

Did you do well? Even if you have normal color vision, after the first two lines you start struggling because the wrong names are very distracting. And how did you perform, if you have some type of color blindness?

For me it looks interesting and I can see some differences in the colors. But it’s definitely just a guessing game. Colors I can almost not distinguish and therefore have big problems to name them in this graphics are:

  • BluePurple
  • OrangeGreen

Do you know, what I like the most about this? It’s the color Red I can spot easily, despite the fact I’m red-blind…

10 responses on “Stroop Test – Can You Read the Colors?

  1. Susan

    That’s interesting. The only color I know for sure on this is red. The rest all blend together. And red is one of my trouble colors!

  2. Mike Matthews

    Very interesting. I have problems with the Ishihara test, but no problems with this test at all.

  3. Matt Gardner

    Similar to Mike Matthews I have problems with the Ishihara test but no problems with this one!

  4. varsha rao

    its lik really intrestin really cool……. i was jus scannin all dese stuff jus befor i tak ma aviation medical exam…. :)

  5. Myrtonos

    This test only involves basic colour distictions which even many colourweaks can make. Yet this is yet another artificial situation where they would be at a disadvantge, they would sometimes take longer to tell the colour apart from the word even if they can make (for all real world intents and purposes) a clear distinction between the two.