Colors in Your Life

Which are the most powerful colors in your life? Do you have any at all or are they changing from time to time?

Tell your story and join the next issue of Carnival of Colors. This carnival includes anything in anyway related to colors. So don’t wait and write your point of view concerning this broad topic.

My favorite colors are a grass green and a sunflower yellow. I also enjoy blood red or a very dark tree-leaf green.

The next issue of the carnival will be published first of July. This time the carnival host is Mike from 10,000 Birds. Thanks Mike and a warm welcome to all the friends of birds in the world of color blindness.

If you like to join, just contact me including the link to the article you wish to be included.

7 responses on “Colors in Your Life

  1. Susan


    I just found your blog today and it’s very interesting to me! I’m the only color blind person I know in real life. I’m not sure what type I am, but I always say I’m red-green color blind because I get reds and greens totally mixed up. I also struggle with browns, blues, purples.

    Strangely enough, my favorite color is green. And I love soft pinks.

    I am enjoying reading everything you have here!


  2. Daniel Flueck Post author

    Susan, it definitely sounds like a red-green color blindness. I’m red-blind and mix up just the colors you’re listing. Is your father also red-green colorblind?

    Nice to hear that you enjoy reading Colblindor.

  3. Susan

    No, my grandmother’s father was. And we just found out that my 4-year-old son has the same type I have. It’s kinda cool to have another person see things the way I do instead of always being the odd (wo)man out.

    So, I guess I was incorrect in saying that I didn’t know anyone in real life who is color blind. How could I forget my son? haha

  4. Daniel Flueck Post author

    Interesting. If it is congenital red-green color blindness, your father has to be colorblind and all your sons will be colorblind (unless a gen mutation happened just in between two generations, which would be very very rare).

    Anyway, being a colorblind women is very unique and not often seen.

  5. Susan

    Yes, I’m rare. ;)

    My father is most definitely not colorblind and I have been all my life. I was always told it was my grandmother’s father, but maybe I’m wrong. I know it’s not my dad because he helps me with colors all the time.

    One question. Have you ever tried the contacts? I would but I wonder if I would have to learn my colors all over again since I already know *my* colors the way they are. Know what I mean?

  6. Daniel Flueck Post author

    No, I’ve never tried this correcting contact lenses. It would be interesting to have them just for a certain time and see, what they really can do.

    The contacts can only help you, if you are an anomalous trichromat (red-weak or green-weak). They’ll try to enhance differences which can’t be seen very well. But if some differences are widened, others have to be narrowed. So you’ll lose somewhere an other little piece of your color vision.