Color Blindness in Transportation

Brian Chandler—a red-green colorblind Traffic Engineer from Missouri—just started a new web site to discuss colorblindness and its effect on transportation. He named it Grey Means Go and gathered already some very nice examples.

Grey Means Go by Brian Chandler

If you tell somebody about your color blindness they often ask, if you have a driver license (“I’ll better watch out when you’re on the road :-)”). This is actually handled very differently in each country. For example in Romania you are not allowed to drive if you have any form of color blindness (visit Discromat by Vasile Tomoiaga to learn more about this).

Are colorblind drivers a danger to society?

Some say yes, others say no. Brian has at least some ideas, how to enhance certain aspects in transportation to help not only the drivers which are suffering from color blindness. Have a closer look at the following examples from Grey Means Go:

  • Reflective and even retroreflective backplates of traffic light signals help to identify the correct position of the light at night.
  • Yellow tail lamps increase the vehicle visibility and reduce reaction time in a significant way. But would this also be true for colorblind drivers?
  • Shaped signal heads which definitely are a great aid for colorblind drivers.

I’m looking forward to read more about this very interesting topic and I hope that also many other traffic engineers will take this issue more seriously.