9 responses on “Ishihara Elephant

  1. Ricky

    I have some sort of color blindness myself, so I see only some green dots between the red ones. With some imagination I recognize the letter ‘M’.
    To cheat at these tests, I open the image in the program GIMP and select from the menu ‘Color/Value Invert’. You will see a very clear ‘M’ with straight edges.
    My colleague told me that for him the colored and value inverted ‘M’ look the same. For me thats hard to believe, but thats another story…

  2. Curtis Croulet

    I see a vague square in the middle of the elephant. The bottom of the square might be open. I can’t say that I see an M, either upright or inverted.

  3. E. Pyatt

    I clearly see a green letter in a sea of red dots. However I am not sure if it’s supposed to be an M or a capital E rotated 90 degrees (facing down). My initial reaction was that it was the E in reference to a vision test. The top is square like the long end of an E, not the 2 peaks I normally associate with M.

    FWIW – I ran it through some Photoshop CS4 filters to see if I could make it disappear. It was visible (although in different colors) in the 2 Photoshop colorblindness filters (In the View >> Proof menu). It wasn’t until I converted the photo to grayscale that the letter disappeared and I got more of a vague square patch.

  4. Nick

    I can see the M pretty clearly; however, the number-circle (not sure of the actual name) colorblindness tests are nearly impossible for me. Not sure. I have very mild R-G colorblindness with very certain shades of red and green, I think.

  5. Hyun Lim

    Very interesting!
    Where did you find this color elephant?
    Please let me know where I can see this.