What the Doctor says

In the words of my doctor:

[…] suffering a total color blindness with a very strong protanopia […]

And what does this mean? Wikipedia discribes the different kinds of color blindenss in detail. If I read through this article I’m not sure if I suffer just under protanopia or under deuteranomaly and protanopia. Hmmm. I remember he showed me many many circles in a thick book which was split in two parts. In the first part I could see on the first four pages the numbers (you have to recognize numbers inside the circles; they are shown in a different color). Then nothing. He browsed through at least 20 more pages and stopped again in the middle of the book. I look at it. Yes, I see the number and on the next page – nothing. And so on. Maybe the first part was for protanopia and the second for deuteranopia? I don’t know. Anyway, this was over 10 years ago. If I look these days at some example pictures I often can’t recognize any difference for both characteristics. So I would say I’m quite handicapped :-)