Are cats and dogs really colorblind?

As Cecil Adams observes in The Straight Dope cats and dogs are not completely colorblind but one can compare their vision with the vision of human being suffering from Deuteranope. The same is reported from Earth & Sky and as I read through my conclusion is: They are just not interested in colors. In their lifes there are much more important things to do then to distinguish different shades of color. Maybe it’s the same for us colorblind: Just more important things to do than spotting red flowers in a green field or learning that the sky is blue even if it is gray all day long these days. I would say we can concentrate much better on our work and don’t get abstracted by seeing our world full of colors. We get the work done!

18 responses on “Are cats and dogs really colorblind?

  1. Daniel Post author

    Of course we can’t really say if dogs are suffering from some kind of color blindness or not, because they can’t tell us. But as some researches show are dogs showing the same reactions on colors like somebody suffering from Deuteranopia.

    Colorblind doesn’t mean to see no colors at all, but to have problems distinguish some colors. And as for dogs this is in the red-green color spectrum.

  2. what name

    dogs are so not colorblind…my dog loves the color red..a lot. he always has this one sqeaky ball that he favors. im just doing researsh for my science project..dont mind me….

  3. justin

    i dont think they are colorblind because they can see you and how could they see you if they are colorblind explain that they might see your movements but i doubt it

  4. cj

    i really agree with you cause im suspose to do a report tht dogs ae color blind and i dont really believe tha they are because it was never proven you cant like ask a dog if theyre color blind and if you can id really like to know

  5. Brittany

    I am a 7th Grader and I am currently doing my science fair project on if dogs are really color blind.

  6. Steven

    Dogs and Cats are not colorblind. They have a high detail of color. To a dog, the color of the grass is a high neon green. The reason why they have a high sense of color is because their eyes have ‘Optoelectronic senders’ in their eyes to see at night. At night the colors need to be on a higher tensity to be seen.

  7. Liz

    I know that my cat is colorblind. I have this red lazer that my cats love to play with and try to catch, but one of my cats acts like he cant see it. Ill put it right in front of him, and all he doesnt see anything.

  8. Ursula

    When my one cat always picks out the red toys in particular to play with, it makes me wonder whether cats, in general, have a colour preference. My other cats don’t really seem to care about what colour the toys are, only that they are fun!

  9. Vanessa M

    i’ve ALWAYS wondered if dog r colored blinded some may b some may not i dont care about the cats I HATE CATS i dont care if they can see color or not as long as they dont get anywhere near me or my baby boy.

  10. Hi

    I’ve been doing resarch and I found dogs can see yellow,blue,tan,brown,and purple,so they CAN see color.

  11. Paige

    I already looked it up. Pshaa.
    Dogs are more of red-green color blind. They can see colors, but have troubles distinguishing between those colors (like orange, red, green, some purples).

  12. Pilgaard

    Dogs are far from colourblind, however I’m tempted to say dogs see with their noses – which to me also seems quite intriguing. But to say they’re colourblind would be a lie. I have also seen dogs who particularly love the colour red… atleast that’s what I discovered after putting out two blankets; one in blue and one in red, and I found that the majority would rather lie down on the red one.