Black Coffee versus James Brown

I’m sipping my coffee and ask myself: is this good tasting liquid brown or black? Who can tell? And what about Coke, the same question arises: brown or black? And what about James Brown, was he really brown and not black…

For me it is really hard to tell. Everybody says coffee, Coke and even humus soil is brown. For me it looks most of the time black, as black as black can be. And what about a pitch dark night, is it really black or not? Ask yourself.

I assume the so called colorblind people are just not involved into the agreements all others made about colors. There must be somewhere a big black book locked away with an official seal, which tells everything in detail about the colors – and within the truth about black and brown.

3 responses on “Black Coffee versus James Brown

  1. Bill

    haha very interesting post, but I would assume my coffee is black considering I use no creamers. I also think James Brown was black ;)

  2. Richard Healy

    I think coca cola is black (you mean it isn’t?!)

    Another funny one is blood.

    Prick me – do I not bleed. (Thank you Shakespeare!) Well yes, But ask me what colour blood is and honestly? – it looks brown.

    I’m told that’s a common reason why incidence of colon cancer has a high incidence in men, is that an early sign of which can be rectal bleeding (yes I know what a subject to have polite discussion about) but for reasons best left to the imagination than to description I vouchsafe, and inability to distinguish red blood from brown could be unnecessarily fatal.