Tetrachromats: A Life More Colorful

I call this Damn Interesting.

Damn Interesting is a very nice blog about damn interesting stuff. They post every day a new story about stuff everybody is eager to know. I found this site just a few days ago and subscribed to it immediately. And what happened some hours ago?

Cynthia Wood writes a post about A Life More Colorful which guides as behind the curtain of color blindness and tetrachromacy. Simply put colorblind people are dichromats (having two different color receptors), people with normal vision are trichromats (three different receptors) and well tetrachromats have four different receptors. Hard to imagine but they can tell apart even more colors. I as a red-green colorblind guy would say – very very hard to imagine.

I would say the people behind Damn Interesting really care about their readers. But go on and learn more about tetrachromats at A Life More Colorful.