Color Charts

You found a color which you would like to use on your web site but don’t know if it is purple or blue? Or this picture shows some nice details, but are they just brown or shiny red?

For somebody affected by color blindness colors can often not be named like a fork or a spoon but usually are guessed. So you are never sure if it is brown, green or red, you just guess and let yourself be overruled by somebody who knows it better.

What to do if you would like to know the names? In nature it is impossible as long as there are no special glasses which can label the colors you see… But on computers, where colors are always built up from values it is easy to label them. Unfortunately it is not often used and color names associated to the color values like RGB are a rare commodity.

The people behind the Colorblind web site at Telodo Bend did a great job. It offers a comprehensive list of colors with heximal and decimal values and most import including the according color names. The following charts are offered:

So if you want to build a new web site and would like to use some special colors, this is a great resource to check for specific color names and their corresponding color values.

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