Color Perception in our Solar System

You can read some thoughts from Tom Coates at On the perception of the colours of Mars… He put a nice littel theory into the room and received quite some comments and a nice discussion around the topic.

The core of his theory goes like this:

…if we had evolved on Pluto, Jupiter or Venus, we’d perceive different wavelengths in more depth and with more variety. In fact, potentially if we’d been born on Mars, it would look to our eyes like a vibrant and colourful place, while Earth could look comparatively drab.

Reading through the comments you can learn a lot about color perception in our solar system. And also the posted links reveal a lot about the topic and let you dive even deeper into it.

And what about us colorblind?

Were we just born on the wrong planet? Maybe we would be the big guys with great vision on some other planet. For each kind of different color blindness there is out there somwhere a planet waiting. And because we are not yet ready to colonize other planets we (the colorblinds) are maybe just ahead of our time.

This is another clue to me that we colorblind people are one step ahead compared to our opponents, the not colorblinds ;-)

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Thanks to Helena from Bitter Poison for telling me about this article.