Colorblind Gaming

It is quite a while ago I played my last computer game. But I also had times where I played together with my friends all night through. Back in those days it never came to my mind that my color blindness could be some kind of handicap while trying to beat my friends.

Colorblind Gaming - Rockstars Table Tennis
Colorblind Gaming with Rockstar’s Table Tennis

Conrad Quality-Harper a member of the Joystiq blog group describes in Colorblind gaming or: Table Tennis is impossibly hard! his experiences with gaming and color blindness. In this special case he has a closer look at Rockstar’s Table Tennis where the spin of the ball is reflected in its color. He describes how the training mode is almost impossible to master as being colorblind and therefore not able to distinguish the colors of the ball in the given time.

I think the gaming industry made a lot of improvements and learned how to achieve simple controlling in complex games. They often are working with pictograms adjoined to the colored information. Or with some other kind of visual effects witch are also closer to nature where things are often not color coded too.

Do you have any experiences with games and color blindness? Or do you know of a game which could be hard to play for somebody being colorblind? Let me know about it.

4 responses on “Colorblind Gaming

  1. ps3

    I do not know of any games which could be hard for someone who is colour blind. How would we know, if we are not colour blind?

  2. TableTennisConversionTop

    right off my head I’m thinking of billiard. There are solids, strips and the 8th ball, which is black. I suppose the numbers might be helpful to a colorblind, but it would be a pain trying to memorize them.