Designing with Colors

Designing your weblog or homepage is already quite a challenge. When suffering from color blindness this gets an even bigger task.

Mark Boulton started the series Five Simple Steps to designing with color where he digs into color theory and tries to give some hints how to design your web page using colors correctly.

For me, as one of the colorblind individuals among us, already the first part includes the bottom line: Begin with Gray. When I designed Colblindor I had in mind to show what it means to be colorblind and therefore I worked with colors. But when I think about this now it could be even better starting with gray tones – and maybe even stick to them. This would make it definitely readable to all the colorblind visitors and I wouldn’t have the problem not to see it like others see it.

Maybe this will be the next big thing to do: Go back to basics. But maybe Mark shows us some more interesting tips in the next steps so I’ll stick around to see what I can do to make my weblog more readable to all visitors.