Carnival of Colors I — Blue

A few weeks ago I decided to start my own blog carnival on a very broadly defined topic: Carnival of Colors.

Whenever you write something on your weblog in any way related to colors which you would like to include into the next release of this carnival just contact me through the contact page.

The first release of this carnival isn’t that big. I received only two valuable contributions which sums up to three when counting my post as well. Carnival of Colors I is issued under the topic…


« Thinking about blue birds there is one which comes to my mind instantly, the Blue Tit, about which I just learned that its scientific name is parus caeruleus and it is well known in Europe but quite exotic in America. If you want to learn more about blueish birds and the term cerulean visit Color Me Cerulean posted at 10,000 Birds from Mike Bergin. »

« Maybe you sometimes feel blue and are looking for a nice change. Why not give it a go by creating your own scrapbook? Check out the secrets of Design Team Member – Pam Aylor at and find your own favorite layouts. »

« My red-green color blindness gives me a lot of difficulties in naming colors. But one color I’m always quite certain about is blue which looks quite different to all other colors even to my eyes. Have a look at the Ishihara Plates Color Blindness Test here at Colblindor to learn which colors you can distinguish best — or maybe not at all. »

This was the first issue of Carnival of Colors. I hope you enjoyed it despite its shortness. See you again at Carnival of Colors II the first of next month.

3 responses on “Carnival of Colors I — Blue

  1. Christin

    Hey, I was looking at a bunch of different color vision tests and one of them linked to this journal. Since you live with color blindness and know a lot about the subject, I wanted to ask you a question that I haven’t really been able to find an answer for a see what you though. Is there a color blindness that would limit a person from seeing different shades of different colors rather than just one color? I have problems determining what is light blue or pink vs. gray, green vs. black, and other ones, usually in dark shades. I was at a friend’s house the other day and having been there only once before I mentioned I didn’t remember one of her walls being painted green and she told me that’s because it was black. I have really bad myopia, perhaps that causes it?

  2. Daniel Flueck Post author

    as far as I know there is no relationship between myopia and color blindness. So let’s focus on your color blindness.
    Maybe to your relief: Every type of color blindness is like you describe it. The names like red-green or blue-yellow color blindness only tell us about the main color axis which is often mismatched at a certain type of color blindness. But with every color blindness you have many shades of colors you can’t distinguish.
    Have a look at the article about Confusion Lines and the previous article about the CIE color space for the basics. Those confusion lines show exactly that colors like the ones you are mentioning are not distinguishable by colorblind persons.
    I hope I could help you to understand your color blindness a bit more. Feel free to ask more questions. You can get in direct contact through my contact page.