Carnival of Colors III – Open Eyes

For the third issue of Carnival of Colors we leave the hitherto topic trace of color names to sally out some new fields.

As there are so many colors around us every day and every minute—if you don’t close your eyes—I would like to encourage you to walk around with Open Eyes this time.

The following six submissions to Carnival of Colors III are based on a broad range of topics. But all of them can teach you how to open your eyes to colors in a certain way. Enjoy.

Open Eyes

« Verlee gives us an introduction into Choosing color combinations and shares the best clue for the source of your color inspiration: Always keep your eyes open for color combinations that you like. Follow it and read more of her inspirations at Verlee’s blog »

« Michael digs even deeper into color combinations for a Room Color and How it Affects your Mood. He concludes that this is a good starting point in your search for a paint color. So open your eyes and feel your colored moods and maybe some more tips from freshome will help you to find the right color for you. »

« Maybe you don’t like to refresh your rooms with a new paint but just with some great color photographs. You can learn from Christopher How to use color in your photographs. Again you should open your eyes for the color in your life to take some great shots on your personal Photographer’s Journey »

« When Sassy from The Mommy Journals was trying out some macro photography shots, she definitely had to open her eyes to find this small imprint on her bottle of green tea about the Ingredient: natural color. What?? An industry gag about artificially added natural color, just to catch the latest wave of a more nature friendly mindset? »

« Mike says: One needn’t be restricted to the culinary arena to enjoy the pairing of wine and bird. I recommend that you start looking outside your kitchen for such delights. Not only one from his 10,000 birds can say Color Me Vinaceous—which means either wine-colored or containing wine. Reading through the article lets me think, it’s both: Bird watchers containing wine naming birds wine-colored. »

« If you had to much of red-wine the Germans would say you are blue. So this is the last call to open your eyes. Watch out for blue neighbors, blue toys or other blue heroes. Alejna is Collecting Tokens and did put together a list of blue-skinned, blue-furred or in any way blue creatures. It’s just so blue. »

Stay tuned for the next release of Carnival of Colors which will be released the first of next month. If you would like to contribute just contact me or visit the Carnival of Colors Blog Carnival Page.

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