Improving Color Vision with Lenses for the Colorblind

Every person suffering from color vision deficiency has the same dream: I would like to see the world as everyone else can and I would like to be able to name colors correctly. Color correcting lenses claim to make this dream come true.

The History of Correcting Color Vision

It is said that already in 1837 a German scientist called Seebeck was writing about the possibility to correct color vision deficiency with some sort of lenses. But only in the twentieth century many people investigated and developed different types of tinted lenses and glasses which should help colorblind people to improve their vision.

Many people thought that you really can correct a color vision deficiency and turn it into normal vision. As of today it is well known, that color blindness is in most cases a genetic defect which can’t be corrected except with not yet existent genetic manipulation.

The System of Lenses Enhancing Color Perception

How does it work? It is actually very simple. You just use a tinted lens in one of your eyes, usually in your non dominant eye, and that’s it. In this case both eyes actually see different colors and because of that the brain can extract some other information out of certain colors. You can also use two different tints in each of your eyes. This depends very much on ones personal impression. But it definitely won’t work if you use the same colored lenses in both eyes.

This works for all types of color blindness (protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia) in the whole range of severities, with one exception. If you suffer from a complete color blindness (achromatopsia) there is currently no system which can give you back color vision.

The Things You Should Know about Improving Color Vision

First of all you can’t really improve color vision, you can only let’s say adjust your color sensation. The manufacturers claim that you can pass Ishihara plates tests without any errors when using such lenses. And that might be true. But this doesn’t mean that your overall color perception is enhanced. You will also loose some of your color perception in another area of the color spectrum.

Facts You
Should Know

Here are some of the main handicaps when you are using tinted lenses to improve your color vision:

  • The performance on Ishihara plate tests improves a lot. But in contrary there is no significant improvement in lantern tests and in color arrangement tests.
  • Color perception improves in your problem area like red-green but at the expense of an increase in blue-yellow confusion.
  • Most people experience difficulties in dim light or at night when wearing color correcting lenses.
  • You might experience some distracting effects like lustre, fluorescence, 3-dimensional effects, judgment of distance and motion.

But most important: Don’t wear them for driving! If you come into dim light situations like a tunnel you might have some problems with judgment of distance or motion which isn’t safe for driving.

The Results of a Scientific Study about Color Correcting Lenses

In 2000 a group of four scientists of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, tested the ChromaGen contact lens system trying to find out if they can enhance color perception for colorblind people. Fourteen persons suffering from red-green color blindness were involved to test the efficacy in standard color blindness tests, and to evaluate subjective performance in the “real world” over a 2-week lens-wearing period.

Lens tints are available in seven hues (magenta, pink, violet, yellow, aqua, orange and green), and most tints are available at light, medium and dark densities. Most often the pink lens in its darkest density was felt to enhance color perception at the most. Second ranked was the magenta lens, also in the darkest density.

I already included some of the results of this study in the sections above. To me there are two more results which I would like to pass on to you. This might give you a better feeling, if such color enhancing lenses are something for you or not.

A. Would you
pay the price?

At the end of the two week lens-wearing period the people joining the test were asked whether they would be prepared to pay full cost of the lens, which is around $500 per lens. Only two out of 13 would be willing to meet this cost. One of them was really enthusiastic about them and the other one could use them very well on his job as a casino employee.

B. Would you
wear the lens?

One of the persons even returned the lenses, it was too much bother for him. The others expressed interest in wearing them on an occasional basis, maybe once or twice a week. For some of persons the disadvantages of lens wear just outweighed the benefits of them.

The Vendors of Color Correction Lenses

I suppose there are many different vendors all around the world. The following three are the most established ones:

  • ColorMax from Dr. Thomas Azman who developed the ColorCorrection System, a unique system of tests and filters for a systematic approach to color vision correction. (Based in Maryland, USA)
  • ColorView spectacle lenses help people with congenital red-green color deficiency to distinguish colors easier and reduce color confusion. (California, USA)
  • ChromaGen is a unique product that was developed to help patients who suffer from color deficiency. This product was used in the scientific study cited above. (United Kingdom)
  • Colorlite is also a leader in color vision diagnostic and correction. (Hungary)

Some products are available at certain optometrists all around the world.

Unfortunately I think that the dream of seeing colors as a colorblind person doesn’t come true. At least not with products like lenses which enhance color vision. They can get you a better color perception but I think the handicaps outweighed the benefits.

The New York Times also wrote an article about lenses which can enhance color vision at A New Technology That Colors the World (Sort of).

120 responses on “Improving Color Vision with Lenses for the Colorblind

  1. Milo XU

    I am suffering from deuteranope, I have tried many methods to enhance my color vision when I am in college, including using colored lens. But actually I cannot find lens with right color to make me pass all of the Ishihara test(especially some green color related), Maybe it is because I completely lose my green sensor in my eyes.

  2. azmole

    Another excellent article about CVD. There is another company making lenses for CVD which is Colorview. The lense technology is much like Colormax. I have personally tried both Chromagen and Colorview lenses. I did have some improvement when testing them with the Ishihara test. The opthamologist with Colorview had me go outside in daylight to use the lenses and many reds that I normally could not see came into view. I did not purchase the lenses because I was more interested in passing a color vision test and felt even with the lenses I would fail. I work as as a field service engineer on diagnostic imaging equipment and have managed to be successful in that endeavor even though I have weak red colorvision. It would be nice to see colors as normal colorvision people do but unforunately the technology does not exist at this time to allow you do that.

  3. Daniel Flück Post author

    azmole, thank you very much for your comment and your nice words. – I included the vendor Colorview in the vendor list of the article.

  4. azmole

    I recently purchased the shareware WhatColor that reads the pixel value on a PC monitor and displays the color. Very nice tool I’m asking the developer if it would be possible to write software to run on Palm OS or Windows CE which the Treo cellphone runs on. It would be nice to discreetly take a picture with your cellphone (say of some fruit in the market as in your example)then display the color with WhatColor. I know eyePilot on their website states they are working on this also but personnaly I like the features of WhatColor the best. Again thanks for work in keeping this website running.

  5. Colorblind Friend

    I went to Dr. Azman two years ago. I could get lenses to improve my red deficiency, but not the green. The cost then was $2500. I couldn’t justify it then.

    I just called to see if there was any new technology. Of course he said yes. He also informed me that the price is now $6500! What a rip off.

  6. butawarna

    hi everybody..

    how much does colorview glasses cost??
    i couldnt afford if it’s too expensive.
    could somebody tell me the exact price for a red-green colorblind like me

  7. azmole

    Hi butawarna
    I had an eye exam for the Colorview Lenses about one year ago the price that I was quoted was $500.00 for the lenses plus you needed to buy the frames. Hope that helps.

  8. John Thomas

    Although I am somewhat distraught with my deficiency, I would not want a permanent and irreversible treatment. I admit that I would like to be able to see colors like others do. But if the genetic manipulation was available, I would not take it. Maybe other people do not share my feelings on this but, my deficiency is part of my identity. Who I am. Hell, people know me as being color “blind”. The lenses could be neat. Only for a time. A side-note: when looking through a video camera (camcorder) I always thought there was an automatic blue-tint to the screen. To my fascination, I happened to put my other eye to the viewfinder and found it to be black and white shades. No blue. This was years after I started using camcorders. Any explanation? Thanks again.

  9. Jeff Rosales


    I sent a post a while ago, but I’m not sure you got it. I am lawyer representing a color blind person, who applied for a position as a firefighter and was rejected… even after testing with colored lenses. The hearing will be held in September 2008, and I’m looking for additional information I can use.

    You make reference to a study by the University of NSW, but do not say what the results were. Do you have a copy of that study?


  10. Lamat

    hi i would like to know if is possible to use whatcolor (PC) or colorquest (MAC) in mobile phones whit camera ??

  11. azmole


    I recently purchased a registered copy of WhatColor and asked the developer if it would be possible to have the software run a cellphone (Palm OS or Windows CE). He stated that it would not work. You may also wish to visit EyePilot website the address can be found on this website. They state they are working on a version that would be compatiable with a cellphone but they do not offer it for sale. Perhaps if more people asked about it they would see a finacial benefit to develope the software. I think many colorblind people would be purchase a color aide software if it would work on a cellphone.

  12. Chris

    Interesting article, Daniel. More or less sums up my experience with both ChromaGen and ColorView. With ChromaGen only one tinted lens is worn, this provides colour contrast but I found it distracting as I was unable to coordinate the contrasting visual data. Although I passed the Ishihara Colour Test with this system, I was still unable to name colours. The ColorView system changed the colour spectrum but at the expense of darkening the visual spectrum overall. This system was more akin to wearing sunglasses than anything else as I still was unable to identify colours confidently and still failed the colour test. I’m afraid the only hope is some kind of gene therapy. Although there must be a considerable demand for colour correction, unfortunately I think research in this field is not a high priority.

  13. Kenneth Allblom

    Hi everyone,
    Your comments on the tinted lenses confirms my own opinion on them, although it has not been possible to try them out in Sweden.
    My opinion is based on my own empirical work when designing a tool that makes it possible for people having a different red-green colour vison (so called colour blind)
    The tool named Seekey works. Read more about it at

  14. pierre trudeau

    Where can I find either chromagen, colormax, colorview or color lite in canada, especially eastern canada????

    Thanks for your help


  15. Kenneth

    My own very recent experience from using red coloured glasses confirms my opinion that this is an expensive way to facilitate picking of red berries etc.
    The glasses do NOT improve colour vision, but change the luminosity of colours. Red turns lighter and green turns darker. Therefore the red berries are suddenly detectable among the now darker leaves…The result is though that you will have problems with other colours than what you had without glasses.
    One solution for us having this red-green problem is to use coloured filters only temporarily, in specific circumstances when you want to tell a colour or find something “invisible”. This function is also the base for my patented invention Seekey. It has a rather low price and is now used by thousands of satisfied customers. Read more at

  16. Grahame

    I have only read the first sentence of this article.

    “Every person suffering from color vision deficiency has the same dream: I would like to see the world as everyone else can and I would like to be able to name colors correctly.”

    Well I don’t, there is nothing wrong with me I am colour blind and I don’t want to be fixed, I am not ill, I do not have an illness!!!! I have never electrocuted myself, crashed a train or suffered any real loss because of my colour vision. I am different thats all, how the “normal” person sees colours is “abnormal” to me. I am proud of the fact I am colour blind, that my mother is colour blind and that her father was, and his father as well. This is a gimmick, unecessary and will make people feel they are ill when they are not.

  17. Kenneth Allblom

    I absolutely agree with you! We have another way of seeing colours compared to many other people. But They only see a limited part of the wavelengths available. As an example, many animals see ultraviolet.
    Anyway, I have found it very interesting to see things that before were invisible to me. I got an idea which has been developed into a tool that helps me to see those things. In pictures, in the nature, in textile patterns and so on. Also this tool helps me to tell some colours apart. For example: blue from lilac, pink from blue-green, green from brown etc.
    The tool is called Seekey.
    And I explain to people that I have a different colour vision!

  18. Mandi

    I could see if the lenses really worked how they would be great for safety issues. My dad was very colored blind and worked as an electrician I always worried about him mixing up the wires. It would be nice to have lenses to fix colored blindness.Thanks for the link to

  19. Kenneth Allblom

    Seekey is a low cost, high usability tool. There is no chance to run into unexpected difficulties as is common when using red tinted lenses permanently.
    The coloured filter affects all colours. If you contuously look through a filter, you cannot be sure of what colour you look at. Bue and green all turn dark. red, brown, orange, yellow, pink turn look light. Mixed colours turn a bit dark, but as you do not know how the colour looked unfiltereds, it’s often impossible to tell the colour when using pemanent lenses/glasses.

  20. Affieq

    i’m from malaysian, can i know here have your branch at malaysia. Can i know where and address.

    Thank you

  21. Jose A.

    hi im from the philippines, been trying to look for an optometrist for colorview in asia. checked their website and found hongkong. wrote to them couple of times but they never did reply. called the japan site and they DONT know english. im a pilot with slight light red hue deficiency. lenses will be great. i bought solarchromic lens from the usa, and its ok but if theres something better, i would be interested. anyone know any hongkong contact number?

  22. Steven Damon

    I joined the Air Force Reserve last year and when I took my medical exam I turned out to be color blind. This has severely hindered my aspirations of becoming a pilot.

    I feel desperate to try anything so I don’t get stuck into a dull career field. I appreciated this article and some of the comments people have made on here. I’m getting a better idea of what I’m getting myself into.

    As far as yearning to see the world as other people see it, I couldn’t care less. I applaud the people on here that are proud of who they are, I’m no different. Until I was told I was deficient, I never felt it. I too am proud of who and what I am.

    Unfortunately pride’s not going to get me into the seat of an F/22. Curse the way things fall sometimes.

    Thanks for the article.

  23. Peter

    I am very interested in using colormax through dr. azman, but I don’t think I can afford it. My color deficiency is extremely mild, but shows up on the Ishihara tests. I don’t have any trouble distinguishing between red and green, or any other colors for that matter, but can’t pass those tests. I’m trying to get a job in law enforcement, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to without these lenses. What do you think?

  24. kenneth allblom

    The reason for the colour vision requirements in some professions is that it is in one way or another important to be able to recognize colours.
    With tinted lenses, you might pass some of the Ishihara plates, but probably not all because the tint changes all colours in one wayor another. You might manage red versus green dots. But other colour combinations will not work out with the same colour of the lens.
    In a scientific study on the tool Seekey, an average of 84% of the ishihara plates were passed. This high improvement is reached when the subject use both colours of the Seekey.

  25. Just Stephanie

    Thank you for such an informative piece. My brother is looking for color-corrective solutions so that he can be eligible for more jobs in the National Guard. He is considering going to Dr Azman, though the expense is quite high. Please let me know if there are other solutions he could consider.

  26. Kenneth Allblom

    To Stephanie and her brother:
    Most employers have written rules regarding vision requirements. I would suggest to start by asking for a copy of the rules. Next is to inverswtigate the possibilities to perform a colour vision test accepted by the employer. During this test, see if they allow the use of a colour vison aid. The least expensive, appr. US$ 55.-, is a Seekey. This tool will not make you a colour expert, but you will manage most everyday colour identification situations!
    The Azman glasse or lenses have the disadvantage, apart from the price, that while they help identifying red colours, the impair the ability to tell certain other colours. This because you will all the time be looking at the environment through a colour filter. A colour filter affect all colours in one way or another.

  27. Aurora

    I have Rod Monochromacy and I have the lens, they make me see in colour, I dont know for sure if they make me see in all colour because ive never really ever seen in colour before. I dont know much but i am still learning. Im only 15 and i hate not seeing in colour, its too hard, my parents are paying alot of money to help me see like everyone else does, its so complicated.

  28. Just Stephanie

    To Kenneth Allblom:
    Already had asked my brother to look up the rules on the test. Definitely don’t want to spend the money for Azman glasses and then not be able to use them for testing! Thanks for the pointer to Seekey, I don’t think he has considered that option yet, which is certainly _much_ cheaper.

  29. Kenneth Allblom

    To Aurora and everybody else: According to all competent optomedical professional knowledge there is no known way to improve the colour vision of person who see fewer colours than most people. But, when you look at things through a coloured filter (often red) the impression of all colours change. This effect makes it possible for you to see things you did not see before. And it may make it possible to tell the right colour of some things.

    However, if you want to tell colours with certainty, you may not view the environment permanently through a colour filter or lens. The Seekey is a simple, inexpensive and effective tool. It has one red and one blue-green filter. When you see something that has one of the colours you often mix up, look throug the filters and see in what way the colour changes. Depending on the change, you will determine the colour. It’s quick and easy to learn, using the provided instructions.

  30. Robert Krumpp

    Great writeup Daniel; this appears to be really promising technology. While the price is still pretty cheap (still around $500 per lens IIRC) I’d be willing to bet that as more people find out and demand goes up that the price will drop considerably.

  31. Just Stephanie

    My brother and I met and talked to Dr Azman. He is charging $8000 for his “system” (aka series of specialized tests) and guarantees success on the Ishihara plate test. That price is much too steep so we started looking into ChromaGen, which would have cost less than a $1000. Unfortunately, there is no U.S rep anymore and the European contact was unable to provide any recent information on suppliers. Their website has a list of doctors but at least two did not supply ChromaGen anymore (or ever) and the other only buys glasses, not contacts.

    The ChromaGen “system” from what I could deduce was a standardized machine and set of tests. Dr Azman admitted that, though he buys from multiple sources, these are usually the same manufacturers that others, such as ChromaGen, are buying from. So the difference in price is basically the difference in testing and the fact that very few doctors are providing any testing or purchasing of color correcting contacts.

    This is very frustrating. $8000 is much too much for my brother to afford and yet Dr Azman is the only doctor that is available and willing to help.

  32. Daniel Flück Post author

    Stephanie, thank you very much for sharing your findings. This price from Dr Azman is just crazy—in the end it’s just a pair of tinted lenses!

    But anyway, you shouldn’t buy such lenses just to pass an Ishihara test. In the end you either can enhance your color vision for a certain job to do or you can’t. Most often you can’t, and even get some handicaps along with them. It’s not only about a test like to get your pilots license, as they won’t you allow to wear them.

  33. Kenneth Allblom

    I can confirm the comments from Daniel. The lenses are ridculously expensive and they do nothing more than what a red filter held in front of your eyes will do.
    Please let me mention my invention Seekey. It is used momentarily when you want to tell a colour or when you want to check if there is something in front of you that you do not see because the colour contrast is zero. This happens for instance in pictures, in the nature and when looking at objects having a pattern with different colours.
    Best regards,

  34. Just Stephanie

    I wanted to address your concern about performing the job after the test. Unfortunately, the Army has put a color vision test requirement for a large number of its jobs, even when the color vision is not critical to the performance of the job. (I was surprised when I started searching online just how many Army and National Guard soldiers are frustrated by this issue!) The job my brother is trying to get is one where he actually only needs vivid color identification, which he is able to do unaided. Unfortunately, they give the Ishihara test, not a vivid color test.

  35. Cem Guney

    Hello From Turkey..

    I found you through web and wanted to share my lens experience with you. I am using chromagen lenses for the last 2 years, fit in a RayBan sunglasses’ frame. When i use them it looks like sunglasses (And everybody thinks it’s cool because of the color of the lenses: Reddish!!! :) ). I read the article and the comments on the site. I also have some pros and cons to tell:
    Pros: Since the moment i use the lenses, the world looks brighter, and warmer!! I am serious! Because the colors are so vivid and so live! I noticed that i was looking behind a green/gray curtain before i use them. So.. Main benefit is that world looks better and you feel optimistic. The flowers, The flags.. Anything! :) One other benefit is that, i pass %90 of all the ishihara tests. But sometimes i really have to push myself and guess the answer! Last but not least: I fell in love with the ‘blue’ color! It looks fantastic!
    Cons: The red is awful! If this is real red the normal people see, my colorblind red is much much better! Secondly, lenses doesn’t help you to identify most of the colors. I hardly identify their names. But i see that there are two (or more) colors there. But other than the soft cons told above, there are serious ones: Lenses work best with sunlight. If it gets darker (even dawn), you feel terribly dark. It gives stress and frustration. When you use them during computer usage, your eyes get tired easily and you also feel stressed again. I read the comment in the article saying: Do not use them while driving. Absolutely agree and want to emphasis: DO NOT USE THEM WHILE DRIVING IN DARK! Definitely creates troubles. As i told, i used them during daylight as sunglasses while driving. But: I had couple of minor accidents, while parking or passing near a wall or other car etc. when my glasses on! I scratched my car. I totally agree with the comment above: You lose the judgment of distance. I learned this relation (lenses and the loss of distance judgment) from the article above. I didn’t know it before reading it and i am a live sample to that. After reading the article, i could name my problems with the lenses. I thought the problems were because of my eyes. But i can say that, they are because of the lenses.
    As a conclusion: I like my lenses and keep using. But not always!
    Hope these helps for some of you who think to buy one!

  36. Kenneth Allblom

    Hello Cem Guney and all of you!
    Your extensive information on your experiences with the cromagen lenses also confirms my opinion on them. When you use filters continuously in front of your eyes, all colours change and you may run into problems with other colours than without the lenses. Also the colour reduces light and will cause problems even in shadows or dark areas.
    However, a fully functionning tool to tell colours apart has been available for some years. See the web:
    Both a scientific study and individual testimonials confirm the function. Another advantage of the Seekey is that it’s sold to a pretty low price.

  37. JW

    The Ishihara test IS NOT a colour blindness test. It is a colour CONFUSION test. I fail the Ishihara test yet have SUPERIOR colour vision according to the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue Test. I work as a colour matcher. An untrained eye of someone who passes the Ishihara test has trouble seeing the differences in colour I do.
    The Ishihara test should NOT be used for determining employment eligibility. The Ishihara test is long past its use-by date.

  38. Karen

    Hi I’m from Armenia, I’m happy that I have possibility to hobnob with you. A few years ago I have found out , that I’m colorblind.
    It’s very important for me to pass Ishihara test.
    I have read, lenses for colour-blind persons can help for test.
    I also need these lenses . But unfortunately, because of my job, and it will be very expensive for me, I can’t visit vendors who make such kind of lenses.
    Who knows is it possible to to order these lenses, without my presense, by internet.
    As soon New Year in my country, and I hope in 2010 year treatment for us could be find.

  39. Kenneth Allblom

    Hello Karen,
    thank’s for your phone call yesterday. As I read your inquiry here at colblindor, I want to add some things that I did not mention during our conversation:
    The lenses you want to use, may make it possible to pass the ishihara test. At least you will identify most of the figures. The tool Seekey also does this trick and to a very low cost compared to the price for the lenses.
    The lenses will however change your impression of colours. This will lead to a risk that you may misinterpret other colours than those that you a problem with now. This risk is not present when you use the Seekey.
    I hope you find a good solution for your colour situation!

  40. Living With CVD

    Kenneth Allblom,
    Please stop with all the advertisments for that hand held color wheel…you made your sales pitch already. No company nor government agency is going to allow you to whip out your handy dandy color filters so you can take a test that measures your color vision. Thats like taking roller skates to your physical fitness running test…not going to happen.

    Everyone else: Contacts you’ll probably get away on with on a test as it’s hard to notice the very small color shading over the pupil and you only need one contact. Colored glasses is a long shot but possible if they are lightly shaded and prescription (say your regular ones broke and you only have your outdoor ones available). A color filter wheel they will just laugh and give you a fail.

  41. Mark

    Hi everybody. I just failed the ishihara test and am looking to get into the navy. $8900 Dr Azman quoted me! my local optician is a chromagem registered distributor and a consultation is €60 with the glasses coming in at €275 where is azman getting the prices from???!!! for people looking for distributors go to hope this of some help!

  42. Kenneth Allblom

    Hi CVD,
    yes, Seekey is handy. And it works in order to make it possible for you and me to tell colours apart and to see new things in our beautiful, colourful world.
    But it is not intended for cheating tests that are used to tell if you might be a safety hazard doing a certain job. I have never told anyone that the Seekey should be used for that.

    Good luck with the incredibly expensive lenses. Those could be used for cheating, but not to tell colours.

  43. alex

    good day every one, i just want to know how much is a pair of chromagen lens , only the lens i need , or is there any contact lens fom chromagen ????


  44. Brian

    Hi everyone,

    I too spoke with Dr. Azman and his price is still $8900. I asked where he gets the prices and he claims he doesn’t know and he doesn’t set the prices. I thought it was based on demand or pricy testing equipment but he can get you an appointment the next day if urgent enough but if not he can see you within a month($2000 extra for days other than M, W, or F), and the equipment can’t be more than several thousands…

    He claims that his lenses will allow one to see color as it would appear to someone that does not suffer from the handicap. Also, his lenses will not be either a red or green but could be a number of colors. He charges $400 for any extra lenses not including frames, but contacts or the frameless lenses are included in the $8900. They better be. I believe his lenses probably are superior to the chromagen because he can better customize your tint of lens based on the elaborate tests or your individual deficieny. The tests total around 6 hours. However, I can not commit to a $500 appointment deposit, and sign for $8900 worth of financing without knowing exactly how the end result will improve my color distinctions and to what degree.

  45. watchat

    Well done!
    I want to buy color currecting lenses plz suggest me b cos i m suffring from color vision deficiency.its tested.plz don,t publised.

  46. jose


    i would like to ask if theres a branch of store here in the philippines that can buy a lens for color blind

  47. AGS

    Hi to all,

    If you just need it to pass D-15 test – then don’t spend you money. Use your memory if you cannot use your eyes… I am a law enforcement officer with CVD. And I did my research and found that all D-15 test are the same. After confirming it with my doctor he wrote all numbers for me and told me to memorize them.

    12, 8, 6, 29, 57, 5, 3, 15, 74, 2, 6, 97, 95, 5, 7, 16, 73.

    I been working as a patrol officer for over 5 years and never had any broblems with small difect of my CV… Hope it will help.

  48. Aurora

    I believe after a year of trying these lenses that it can also cure monochromacy, or at least rod monochromacy. This is because I have passed several tests with the lenses on. I think the author should change it so that it says all types of color vision can be now corrected thanks to technology.

  49. Raytec

    Sun Time Optical in Malaysia
    No 1,Jalan Ros, 85000,Segamat Johor

    Is the First Carrying a new Color System For Color Blindness People in Malaysia

  50. Randy

    one question, can we still able to legally do the ishihara test with those equippment (glasses/lenses, i think people wouldn’t be notice the contact lenses though :D)

    and for people whose living in asia. have some good news for you. turned out chromagen have their branch in Singapore.

    for further information visit..

    –nobody’s perfect ;)–

  51. Kenneth Allblom

    No, you cannot legally do the Ishihara test with lenses, if a common color vision is required for a specific job.

    The lenses do change the impression of colors so that you may manage the Ishiharqa test. But they change colors so you may still have difficultes with colors in real life. The Seekey tool does not have this malfunction. You will be abble to tell most colors, but you will not become a color expert.

  52. raytec

    Hi Kenneth, i agree with you if for specific job, but if the specific job allow ppl to wear spectacle then it will be allow though. Otherwise, short or long sighted people not allow to work , coz it is not fair to color blindness people.

    Again, for Color blindness Who in Malaysia, there is a Practice for them :

    Sun Time Optical in Malaysia
    No 1,Jalan Ros, 85000,Segamat Johor
    email :

    My Counsin just did their spec from there, and now can join for the engineering course.

  53. stephy

    Hi Raytec , thanks for your information, i brought my son to visit SunTime Optical and see stanley .

    He is a nice guy and explain those information for me. My son had not enough green pigmentation but after Stanley dispensed those special lenses for him.

    He can differentiate more colour and see more compare he couldn’t make it before.

    Appreciate for your sharing.

  54. mohammad

    i am from Malaysia as well, and i also visited Stanley tien last 2 weeks.He do help me to see more color and easily to distinguish colors. Even my mom and dad also surprise that i can differentiated that i cant before.

    Seriously, my life my perception of the view really changed it. thanks for sharing again.

  55. Jones

    Sun time optical
    No 1, Jln Ros, 85000,SEgamat,Johor,Malaysia

    Stanley is carrying CHromagen lenses in Malaysia.

  56. Jose A.

    Solarchromic lens. look for Gary Mueller.
    Just google it. It is a very simple site, not too flashy and looks underachieved. but bought lens from him, very cheap like 200$, doesnt do good with ishihara or any color tests. BUT it does actually work and enhances color acuity (especially red colors) during flying an airplane…. fyi guys

  57. Daniel

    Hi, Had visited Stanley @ Johor,Malaysia, he is nice and showed me how to train myself to adapt a NEW Fanstatic color. Thanks Stephy.

  58. James

    hi Myself, i am from Bagor,indonesia too. I visit stanley who in malaysia last 2 weeks. According to him, we no need to visit him frequently or once only. He will continue provide us the lenses since he said he knows well and keep our record in the first place. So i think, the first visit is very important to him,as long as he got your data.

  59. jordan

    my friend is colorblind and hes got a really bad eye sight as well would the lenses help him with his bad eyesight? what about the seekey?

  60. Kenneth Allblom

    Dear Jordan,
    if your friend has the common problem called red-green color blindness, the Seekey will certainly give him the possibility to tell colors apart.
    regarding the bad eye sight, your friend should consult a local optician.

    The different kind of offered contact lenses or spectacles continously change the impression of colors, resulting in some simplification when telling colors apart on knkown objects. In other cases the colored lenses will still be confusing the color impression.

    The Seekey is used only when it is needed, with or without prescription glasses/lenses, anfd works perfectly on most colors!

  61. Joyce

    Foxila, i question it before but when i come to this lenses for my son. He can distinguish purple and blue now, but before he didnt know what is blue. Thanks for those who post the comment let me found it in Malaysia.

  62. jnd

    is there a color correction lenses here in the philippines?i want to apply in offshore vessel but my problem is i cant pass the ishihara test.please help me where can i buy these things.

  63. Vijay

    Hai could you please tell me where in dubai or abudhabi i can get these tests done and fix my vision may reach me on +971 553595469

    K Vijay
    +971 553595469

  64. Bubonico


    I really need to pass the Ishiara test.

    I work in a boat and I need to do some medical exams.

    Does anybody knows where I can find a place in Florida or in the states to buy lenses to help me to pass the test?

    Does the doctor will realized that i’m wearing lenses to help my to pass the Ishiara?

    Thank you so much, This is an amazing website and very usefull.

  65. Tom E.

    I would like to be more realistic and lower the bar, based on the physical issues that cannot be reversed. I am also blind in my right eye and I know that can’t be reversed, either, today…

    So, where does that leave us? How about just looking for a different “sensation” in terms of color? Sometimes, when trying sunglasses on at the local CVS or whatever, I discover that some of the light green (I think!) lenses produce a “color sensation” that I’ve never experienced. Did it fix my color vision? Nope. Did it make me happy by allowing me to experience a color vision sensation that I hadn’t experienced otherwise? You bet! SO, HERE’S THE BIG QUESTION: How about we focus on lenses that provide colorblind people with new “sensations” without trying to focus on correcting something that won’t happen, likely, in our life times? Why can’t we develop a line of special color lenses, for sunglasses, that would, at least, produce “excitement” for the folks, like me, who put them on and say to ourselves “Wow! I don’t think I’ve seen this before!!!!” This alone can be incredible. Let’s not forget about the low hanging fruit and try to optimize it, optimize the technology that relates to “sensation” instead of putting all our focus on something that only serves to make a select group of what strikes me as being a group of opportunist doctors that pray on our eye sight, just as other doctors do while promising the perfect weight loss solution for folks struggling with that challenge.

    I suspect that most of us would be just delighted with the “sensation” produced by seeing hues that we’ve never seen before, and I know that’s possible, given my experiencing trying on the various light green sunglasses, etc. It would just be DAMN INTERESTING to know how far that “sensation” could go if the focus was placed on the development of such lenses, instead of folks placing the focus on fixing something that, at this time, we lack the technology to address, beyond taking the money of those desperate for help… Sounds like a good start-up company to me. Investors (in reality) needed.

    Thomas B Elsasser

  66. Kenneth Allblom

    When I first realised that colour filters could help me identify colours I was very excited and happy. Besides the practical usefulness, the feeling when suddenly seeing things I never saw before is so nice!

    After some time of experimenting, I developed a small tool that I use whenever need or curiosity arises. For me there suddenly was a new world to see and I’m happy to share this with the tool called Seekey.

  67. jnd

    can i pass the colour vision test for offshore works,even i cant pass the ishihara test?i can distinguish the color of the cables.what is red,blue,green,brown and yellow but when i took up the ishihara test i cant distinguish it.can my colorblindess has a chance to work on offshore.

  68. Kenneth Allblom

    Dear jnd, it depends on possible color vision requirements that your future employer might have. And not the least how their understanding of the effects, that a different colour vision might have, is.
    For some jobs, there are in some countries laws that prescribes that the Ishihara test must be passed. In Sweden for example, you may not work as a policeman if you cannot pass the Ishihara, but we have no color vison restrictions for electricians.
    For some jobs, there are practical tests that show if you can do the job.
    My suggestion is: Take contact with your furture employer and see if they have specific requirements for color vsion. If necessary, suggest that you take a practical test with the equipment they are using.
    Myself, using my Seekey tool, I can manage the colors of electric cables without a problem.

  69. Kody Wyrick

    i am red/green color blind and i want to fly airplanes in the airforce. but i cant cause of this awsome trate that was passed from my grandpa to my mom and now back to me. however my mother is not color blind, but she is the carrier of the x chromosone that the trait is carried in. i plan on having all boys so that i can put a stop to this aweful trait in my family blood line

  70. Kenneth Allblom

    Dear Kody, I know it’s a nuisance when you discover that you cannot choose freely your preferred way of life. Myself, I wanted to be a ship’s captain. But I may sail for pleasure and in many countries, I know you may fly aeroplanes as a civilian, and in daytime. Maybe not a great alternative for you?
    When I am reading the charts or navigating my boat I have so much use of my vision tool Seekey. It’s cheap and available all over the place, via the internet.
    Finally there might be a risk that a woman, who may not know if she carries the CVD-gene, transmits this gene to either a son or to a daughter. A girl who gets one CVD X-chromosome from her father and the other from her mother will experience an uncommon colour vision (as prefer to call our situation).
    The boy has and needs only one CVD X-chromosome to have the same experience.

  71. samCdave

    is there any branch in Malaysia? im interested with you product.. if nothing how can i get the lenses? tq.

  72. Dim

    Hi, I am looking for chromagen practioner in Bulgaria or near. Could someone give a hint? I already tried to contact the practioner from Turkey listed in their website without success.

  73. Tica

    improving color vision with lenses for colorblindness is one good thing for people suffering with color blindness thanks for sharing.

  74. Kenneth Allblom

    I’d find it very interesting if you who are using the Chromagen lenses would describe what you see when looking at different colors. Also a description of benefits with the lenses as well as possible problems with them I think would be very interesting.

  75. MAzz

    I’ve just visited an Optometrist in Malaysia KL “UTAMA OPTOMETRIST” which is shame she got lack of knowledge to the corrective lenses. The lenses i bought from her make my eye pain and get worse on my color vision. I doubt she import those lenses from china.

    Does anyone know who chromagen lenses in malaysia??

  76. Eka

    Does anyone know where i can find chromagen in sabah? Otherwise i need to fly to JOHOR like my cousin.

  77. haslita

    Hi Mazz, i went to UTAMA OPTOM as well been cheated by thousand dollar, after the consulting ,i couldn’t find any improvement of my eyes. I am wondering , does it happen to me as well when i see The Optometrist who carrying the chromagen at JOHOR??

  78. Kenneth Allblom

    Probably…The Chromagen, as well as other colored lenses only change the impression you get from different colors. Some colors may be easier to tell, some will become more difficult.

    Still, the only really helpful aid for us who have a problem to tell some colors apart is the Seekey vision aid. And it’s not expensive!

  79. haslita

    Gosh…i been infected by the Contact lenses prescribe by UTAMA Optometrist. Been told need to stop wearing contact lenses and with the eye drops now.

  80. optomuk

    Sometimes my patient in UK , complained about the chromagen price is bit higher than from Other country manufacture.

    Well, this is why Chromagen lenses is the only one been proof by FDA and the quality to correct the Color deficiency people.

  81. Kenneth Allbom

    As some professionals are referring to FDA approval of Chromagen and other colored lenses, I want to cite some information on this subject:

    “The lenses do not help wearers to see “new” colors or to perceive or appreciate colors as people with normal color vision do, but merely add brightness/darkness or hue differences to colors that are otherwise difficult or impossible to distinguish. However, discrimination of at least some other colors is actually impaired.
    The ability to pass diagnostic color vision tests with ChromaGen lenses does not imply the ability to perform other color vision-related tasks. Therefore, ChromaGen lenses should not be used with diagnostic color vision tests in order to meet occupational performance requirements.”

    A link to the complete FDA comments:

  82. Smithfu

    Hi Kenneth , I am from Singapore. How come i did feel i could see more colors and others i didnt before.I am wearing chromagen lenses, to be honest it really change my view of colors, and even my cousin is Colorblind he does feel the same things as myself.

    I ve tried different type of correction lenses eg Colorview, colormax, and some products from china(which is no different than without lenses).

    Personally I feel chromagen is the best solution for me

  83. kenneth allblom

    Very well Smithfu, I just wanted to spread the official information on what FDA states. Of course you will see colors differently with a colored filter in front of your eyes. Please be careful. There may be other things that you will not see because the impression of the colors change.

  84. jose

    g00d day… can i ask?

    how much the lenses are?

    and where in Malaysia can find sun time optical?

    are you a sailor Mr Kenneth?


  85. Kenneth Allblom

    Reply to Jose, and all other interested of course,
    I am a sailor and before I invented the Seekey I could never safely tell apart the navigation lights at night. Now it’s so easy – and very interesting and fun to sail at night! In daytime I can now always tell a green spar buoy from the red one. And I can tell when the battery charger signals green!
    The price is low. Appr. US$ 58.- including freight costs.

  86. jose

    good day again Mr. Kenneth thanks for the answer

    can i ask again?

    what is your rank and what is your shipping company?

    i am fresh graduate of marine transportation and im finding shipping company but eventually because of my aye deficiency they discriminate me..and i dont have enough money to go to Malaysia to buy some lenses

    can you help me Mr. Kenneth? plzzzz

  87. Kenneth Allblom

    Good day mr Jose,
    I am a yachtsman/private sailor and my occupation is renovation of sailing yachts.
    Surely a Seekey would make it possibble for you to manage the tasks in marine transportation but there might be laws prohibiting people with “color vision deficiency” as they call it, to hold certain positions.
    Using Chromagen or other lenses may deceive you when seeing some colors.

    More information at:

  88. adultla

    I have just had my first pair chromagen lenses last 5month, and recently i been to UTAMA Optometrist,TTDI, Malaysia to purchase my second pair contact lenses for Color deficiency.

    It seems work for 1-3weeks, one night when i take out and watch the color seems fading out.

    It might be the reason why,”HASLITA” eye been infected, i do feel my eye allergy and infect after few days. Get back to UTAMA OPTOMETRIST there, the malay guy reject to change or refund for me, said it will happen sometimes.

    It doesn’t happen on my chromagen lenses, once i wear back my lenses it feel much comfortable and nice color.

    I should check from internet first before i purchase at odd color lenses, suspect it import from CHINA bad manufacture.

  89. Robin Hood

    Very Infomative post. You made some good points that we still need to wait for the right technology for people who are having color blindness. THanks for sharing

  90. Kenneth Allblom

    There are some scientists who claim that they have modified the color vision on a species of monkey. I guess it will take some time before they will try this out on humans. In the meantime there still is an inexpensive,pretty useful tool on the market; the Seekey.

  91. Myrtonos

    “I would like to see the world as everyone else can and I would like to be able to name colors correctly.”

    Surely not if they grew up in a society where other around them might also be colourblind.

    “First of all you can’t really improve color vision, you can only let’s say adjust your color sensation.”

    Bi-optics for those with visual acuity defficiencies are similar in this way, they extend their effective visual acuity at the expense of peripheral vision.

    “But most important: Don’t wear them for driving! If you come into dim light situations like a tunnel you might have some problems with judgment of distance or motion which isn’t safe for driving.”

    Well, while for all drivers to be have adequate colour vision (along with depth perception and visual field) from the practiacl standpoint is the best default, I did discuss another idea with Brian Chandler form the grey means go blog.