The Most Frequently Asked Questions on Color Blindness

Since I started Colblindor more than two years ago I posted 233 articles, count as of today 623 comments and I was contacted more then 350 times—with increasing frequency. So I thought it is about time to write an FAQ on color blindness.

So far I put together the six top questions I get asked almost on a daily basis.

You can find the detailed answers at full length under the separate page Color Blindness — Most Frequently Asked Questions. In this short article I will only feed you with some very compact answers.

FAQ Color Vision Deficiency

  • Is there a cure for color blindness? — No. There are some scientists experimenting with color vision genes, but this won’t be available in the near future.
  • Can I correct my color blindness? — No. Neither glasses nor lenses or any other tools can correct it. But some of them may shift your spectrum of color sensation.
  • How can I pass the Ishihara test? — If you are colorblind, you can’t pass it. Some lenses might help you but are usually not allowed during testing.
  • Is my son colorblind? — Don’t be concerned. Wait until he goes to kindergarten and then ask yourself this question again.
  • Can women also suffer from color vision deficiency? — Yes. About 0.5% of all women are colorblind; 16 times less than men.
  • Which type of color blindness am I suffering from? — Only your eye specialist can tell you that. But some online color blindness tests might give you some clues.

If the answers were just to short, read them at full length. But if your question isn’t mentioned at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.

One response on “The Most Frequently Asked Questions on Color Blindness

  1. chuks

    first i have a problem with differentiating btw “orange and pink”,”blue and purple” is that color blindness?. some times i get it right. most time my friends have to laugh at me. im into web design and i think its bad for my business. i use to see the header on my cheap fashion school as red.