5 responses on “Artistic Color Blind Chart

  1. DanH

    This is the best protan/deuteran example I have ever seen (speaking as a protanomalous viewer)!

  2. Richard Healy

    I can report the top two photos look the same to me (as they should I’m a protanope)

    and then I read: “you shouldn;t be able to see the R in the corner”

    and I thought: “What R in the corner?” – and then I fell in. *lol*

  3. tanyaewa

    Just love this one. Shocking to me that the diff is so acute between the way I see things and they way my boys do.
    My nephew is visiting this week – I’ll show all three boys at bfast and get their reactions…
    Thanks for all you info!! We are still learning all this together

  4. Bidul

    Amazing !

    I have to push the contrast to the maximum to be able to see a gray “G”

  5. butiki

    Whoa, I am tested colorblind with ishihara plates, but all these pictures look different to me, and all the letters at the side are so visible with vibrant colors, why is this?