Color Blind Essentials

Many people are looking for the basics about color blindness. So I wrote the following series on Color Blind Essentials which should give you a good overview over the most central topics.

You will not only learn what color blindness really is, which forms of it exist and of course some details about the most well known red-green color blindness. But you will also have the possibility to read more about on how a color vision deficiency can affect your everyday life, if there is a way to cure or at least soften it and the different possibilities to test your color vision.

If you would like to read the whole series offline, just click at Free eBook: Color Blind Essentials and get a handy PDF including all the articles of this series.

This series on Color Blind Essentials includes the following six parts:

If you want to learn even more about color blindness and closely related topics, you can either follow some of the links I provide in this series, directly dive into the articles archive of Colblindor, search the whole web site or subscribe to my latest articles.

3 responses on “Color Blind Essentials

  1. Lauren

    Really helpful in understanding the cause and issues for color blind students as I identify them in school. Thanks.
    Lauren (school nurse)