Survey on Gene Therapy for Red-Green Color Blindness

Sorry, the survey is closed. We’re looking forward to learn some interesting facts from the results and any future development in the field of genetic therapy for red-green color blindness.

In last autumn researchers published The Cure of Color-Blind Monkeys. This was a first big step towards a possible treatment of red-green color blindness.

During the winter some further steps were taken to work towards this treatment. You can read more about this at Genetic Screenings for Color Blindness. And now there is a survey going on focusing again on this topic:

AlphaDetail, a healthcare marketing research company, is conducting an online survey with color blind individuals. Are you a color blind male who resides in the US and is interested in taking a survey to provide your opinions on potential color blind treatments?

If so, we would like to invite you, to take a 20 minute online survey. Please click on the following link if you are interested in participating and we will send you a unique survey URL within 48 hours: Color Blindness Survey. Please be advised that you will need to answer a few preliminary screening questions in order to determine your eligibility before participating in the survey. Upon your completion of the survey, you will receive an honorarium payment in the mail 2 to 4 weeks from the date of completion.

We look forward to hearing from you.

AlphaDetail Member Services

It would be great if you could join this survey, as it might help all colorblind people to get a possible treatment of this disease in the near future. And please don’t forget to choose Colblindor as your referrer.

4 responses on “Survey on Gene Therapy for Red-Green Color Blindness

  1. Sammy

    Sounds great :)
    Have you heard of there ever being a treatment for Tritanopia/Tritanomaly? For females, if that matters?

  2. Daniel Flück Post author

    Sammy, as even this treatment is still way to go for practical use, I suppose it’ll take even some more time to tackle the problem with tritanomaly. Let’s wait and see…

  3. azmole

    I met the criteria for taking the survey. The impression I got from taking the survey is the medical field is trying determine what financial incentive there might be in pursuing a possible cure for color blindness. Hopefully for those who have had their careers and lives affected by color blindness will someday have a cure available. What the time line for developing and testing the medical procedure would be anyone’s guess if in fact a cure could be developed. From the questions in the survey I felt as if clinicians felt a cure was possible with the successful treatment of the monkeys for color blindness.

  4. Sara

    im thinking of making my science project for isef on color blindness. im reading as much as i can. do you have any advice?