$3.300 to Lessen the Handicap of Color Blindness

In my last poll I asked colorblind visitors and readers of Colblindor: “Would You Pay Money to Improve Your Color Vision?” During the ten days of evaluation 280 people joined the poll – thank you very much.

Many people who suffer from any form of color vision deficiency are looking for a possibility to improve their color vision or even cure it. It is interesting to learn what people are willing to pay to reduce this handicap and get a broader color sensation. Here are the results of the poll:

Would you pay money to correct your color vision deficiency?

Would you pay money to correct your cvd?

In the first chart I merged together all the votes which would pay from $1 to more then $10,000 to improve color vision. This gives us a broad view if people are willing to pay money at all.

The result shows, that less than 20% are not willing to pay any money at all to improve their color vision or even cure a color vision deficiency completely. Out of the rest around 60% would spend money for an improvement. Overall around one third would only pay if the actual treatment or used technique would completely cure their color vision deficiency.

How much money would you spend to improve your color vision?

How much would you spend to correct your cvd?

The second chart shows only the votes from colorblind people who are willing to spend money to improve their color vision.

There is a broad range of the amount people would pay to lessen their handicap. The lower end starts at something between $1 and $300 and the upper limit I suppose goes up to several $10.000!

If you look at the graph the votes are quite evenly distributed over the whole range. But on the other side there is something you could call a split between $5.000 and $10.000. I suppose this comes from the fact that some people above that limit are willing to pay almost any amount just to get rid of their color blindness. Below the limit of around $3.000 to $5.000 many people would pay some money but can also arrange themselves with their handicap.

If we strictly just take the lower limits of each range we get an average of around $3.300 which some colorblind people are willing to pay for an improvement of their color vision. This makes an overall amount of almost half a million dollars just for the people who voted on this poll! I wonder how much money you can earn if you really can cure color blindness…

2 responses on “$3.300 to Lessen the Handicap of Color Blindness

  1. Paul

    Why do you use colour graphs like this, in an article about colour-blindness? Especially the pie-chart is unreadable for me….

  2. Daniel Flück Post author

    Paul, you are right! But I tried to use some colors with some brightness difference which can be seen by everybody.

    I’ll change that. Thanks for the hint.
    – Daniel