Can You Spot the Red Berries?

Richard, a friend of mine from Great Britain, took this very nice winter picture which he sent to me. He was outside to catch the fresh snow on the trees. And well, he didn’t really realize what different colors he caught on the picture as he is also colorblind.

Picture taken by Richard Healy

Only when somebody told him, he was able to spot the red berries!

Can you see the red berries on the tree or not? — You could also use this beautiful winter shot as a simple color blindness test. I’m red-blind and definitely can’t see them.

15 responses on “Can You Spot the Red Berries?

  1. Michael

    Berries? What blasted berries?

    I’ve had this experience before. When I was about 11 or 12 I was with my family in a countryside setting when one of my parents pointed out a rowan tree and the wonderful berries on it. After much confusion, we walked up to the trees, and it was only when I could see the shapes of the berries, as opposed to trying to find a colour contrast, that I could see the bloody things at all.

    Quite a learning experience for all of us, especially my parents.

  2. Richard Healy

    Hi Michael,

    “Berries? What berries?” That’s exactly what I said. :)

    I’ve shown this photo now to several non-colourblind people who assure me they are there.

    And if you really want to know – check out the Colblindor forum > personal stories > Further Adventures

    I’ve put the photo-shopped image in there revealing where they are.


  3. Richard Healy

    I thought Micheal’s description above was spot-on.

    To me there’s no colour contrast for me to detect nor distinguish them by.

    When they are pointed out to me I can see the circular blobby things but until then they were as invisible for me as well.

    Well, I guess that must make us colourblind, now don’t it? ;-)

  4. Ron Davis

    I hike a lot (the Colorado Trail this year) and frequently hike with my wife who is always pointing out the red flowers along the trail which I cannot see unless she places her finger on the flower and says “SEE!”. It gets even worse when leaves are changing in the Fall and you have red, orange, green, yellow and all shades in between (or so I have been told).

  5. Richard Healy

    I recall once being dragged throuhg a garden centre with my (then) fiancee who suddenly exclaimed look at those poinsettias* over there



    Where am I looking?

    over THERE!!

    What about them?

    Aren’t they a lovely bright red?

    That’s red?


    Really? I … can’t.. erm.. nope…



    A pointsettia

  6. Marco

    Hi Daniel, I had my childhood ambitions to become a pilot crushed after being told at the age of 12 that I was colour blind.
    However, many years later whilst working in the north sea I was able to clearly discern the colours on a weather radar display whist flying out to a rig. I had a go at the CAA test in the UK (Ishihara AND lantern) and failed. I live in Oz where A Dr Pape challenged the rational of colour vision here in OZ and obtained exception for pilots but…still no real possibility of commercial flying.You may or may not be aware that the very real possibility of gene therapy is looming on the horizon. They have already shown that this can be corrected in Monkeys. How many of us would willing to go for this?

  7. Chae

    I don’t see any read berries either. I had a lot of similar situations while growing up. But wait guys, haven;t seen some colors when someone else thought it was gray? My sister had a Kodak disk camera which to her ‘normal color vision’ was gray. But to my eyes they seemed to be reddish and somewhat close to pink. I remember arguing with my sister while my parents came to rescue. Don’t you believe we could spot ‘red’ colors that some normal color vision people can’t spot? We should share our vision and likely something might show up. Till then no-one will know what we do see.

  8. robin

    Everybody got their mouths full of wild strawberries. Only I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth.
    (That’s why I have a very good granny:)

    I just couldn’t spot them!

  9. Neha

    i can see the red berries then also why i m colourblind … Daniel could you plz explain… With regards

  10. UT

    Finding Waldo was my one of my all time favorite hobby. Even though I can’t the red berries, I see some black rounded objects in the lower right corner. Those are the berries…


  11. Richard Healy

    >>I see some black rounded objects in the lower right corner. Those are the berries…<<

    Yup – plus there are a few scattered in the and amongst the branches and snow toowhere the colour-contrast will make it seem next to impossible.

  12. Dani

    I’ve been staring at this for a while.
    I’ve finally found the berry shapes, as for them being red…

  13. Dani

    Apparently what I was looking at wasn’t berries
    My sister pointed then out to me after about half an hour of more looking

  14. Eric

    What berries!!! Are you sure it’s supossed to be red. Are those black in the corner supossed to be the berries?