What is it Like to be Color Blind

Laura Evans created a nice and short documentary film to show what it’s like to be colorblind. While interviewing a colorblind artist she gives us a nice overview of how it feels, some thoughts on what the term color means and how important colors really are if you are suffering from color blindness. “No such thing as color” includes some nice details to give you an insight on how it might feel to be colorblind.

There is only one thing which I don’t really understand: She starts with letting the guy name the coloring of some houses in the neighbourhood. For me as a strongly red-blind person the guy in the film does a perfect job on this task…. but watch yourself :-)

You also might like to visit Laura’s website at www.nosuchthingascolor.com.

3 responses on “What is it Like to be Color Blind

  1. Chris

    Thanks for posting Daniel. Nice insight into the experience of colour blindness, especially for the analogy with tone deafness. The film did a good job expressing the frustration of the condition as colour identification is something everyone else finds so obvious.

  2. Hal

    Great Film. To hear a story so similar to my own was amazing. One difference though: My parents weren’t called into school when I had trouble with color. Instead, I was labeled “color-ignorant” and kept after school for being disagreeable.

  3. David L.


    My parents always said I was not color blind BUT COLOR IGNORANT.

    This seemingly innocent statement impacted my development.