F-M 100 Hue Color Blindness Test

Do you ever wanted to test your color vision with one of the most famous color blindness tests available? Try out the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Color Blindness Test (F-M 100 Hue Test) and see how good you are in color ordering.

This test is a very typical arrangement or also called hue disrimination test. It is based on 88 distinct hues (and not 100 as the name suggests) which are mixed randomly in four batches of 22 plates. Your task is to order them in a way that the colors appear to change gradually in steps from left to right. When you are finished a calculation can be done based on the misplacements of the plates.

F-M 100 Hue Scorecard

On the left side you can see a sample error score diagram. Each plate error score is shown and an overall total error score (TES) will be calculated. Based on this information the severity and type of your color vision deficiency can be deduced.

Unfortunately until now online color blindness tests are not that reliable. I am quite strongly red blind, which is not always shown by the test result. And my wife did the test and got quite a high TES—but she is definitely not color blind! This can be caused by ambient light conditions, different monitor settings and the setup of RGB color space. Hopefully we’ll soon get some sort of computer based color vision test which can also guarantee some reliable results.

You can restart the test as many times as you like. You can also compare your results with “the rest of the world” and wou will get some detailed diagrams of your test data.

The F-M 100 Hue Test is the third color blindness test which you can try out right here on Colblindor. Stay tuned for more color blindness tests and tools in the future and subscribe to my feed or email newsletter.

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