RGB Anomaloscope Color Blindness Test:Severity Upgrade

RGB Anomaloscope Severity Diagram
RGB Anomaloscope Severity Diagram

A few weeks ago I released the new RGB Anomaloscope. A slight adjustment was introduced since the first release and I also added a little survey to make it more accurate. Now I’m happy to announce the severity upgrade of the RGB Anomaloscope color blindness test.

The diagram is now split into several colored areas. As your personal matching line starts growing from the center it is possible to find the severity of your red-green color blindness. A very short line in the center means you are not colorblind, compared to a line stretching along the whole diagram which means you are suffering from a strong color blindness.

Yellow Diagram matching Red
Yellow Diagram matching Red

This update was based on more than 1’000 color blindness tests taken so far.I hope this helps you to find out more about your color vision.

I also checked the resulting matching points and found some interesting facts. The diagram to the side shows the colors which were matched with red.

The interesting fact is, that there are two main areas which can be identified. This points towards a possible differentiation of red- and green-blindness.

Before I release another upgrade including also the type of red-green color blindness I would like to gather some more test data. So stay tuned for a future release of the RGB Anomaloscope.

15 responses on “RGB Anomaloscope Color Blindness Test:Severity Upgrade

  1. curleancaadrian

    I have taken new RGB Anomaloscope test today and appears only one small line from the center to the right. Till now I cannot determine which kind of discromatopcy I have. I can read only a few figures from Ishihara. I mention that I have tested my eyes with a doctor for tinted lenses from colorvision and he didn’t know to tell me which kind(only that I cannot see some kind of pink).Can somebody tell me how to determine please?

  2. Daniel Flück Post author

    Curleancaadrian, the best way would definitely be to see an eye specialist and take an anomaloscope color vision check. This tool will get you the most precise result. – Any online test can only guess and not more.

  3. Graham Houghton

    I do not believe that the Ishihara Test is any test of colour perception. I believe it is deeply flawed. I don’t know how because I’m not a medical professional. All I know is that I cannot see anything on the cards, but have passed every other colour vision test I’ve taken with ‘flying colours’, as it were. I have no trouble with nav lights when I’m sailing and enjoy the glories of the world around me in full technicolour. Will someone please explain why this test, which clearly does not work for a lot of people, is still used as an occupational screen for various types of work. I believe it has ruined a lot of peoples’ hopes and maybe even some lives. Anyone else had the same experience?

  4. Anonymous

    Graham you bring up a great point. I have been applying for federal law enforcement jobs only to find out I’m color blind according to the Ishihara test. My dream job and way of life can possibly be stripped from me. I am getting my eyes examined further so that I can make sure I am not color blind. I can see every color under the sun just like everyone else but when they gave me that Ishihara test I failed it miserably. I agree that test is FLAWED!! It is more so a mind game and its ruining peoples lives no doubt.

  5. LJRivera

    Hello all. I am a Gaming Art and Design student (38 years old, finally going to college on-line to pursue a life long passion). This coming semester, I have a class on color theory. I knew I had some form of color deficiency (or blindess) for about 9 yers now but I shrugged it off. I’ve learned to identify colors as best i can for the ones I have an issue with. I received my textbook for the class and on of thebig topics is color deficiency. So I looked in to it further and was shocked to see how differently I see compaired to normal vision. i took a lot of on-line tests and they all had similar results (yes I am aware of the inaccuracies of on-line tests due to many factors), I wanted to try and narow donw exactly what type and subtype I am.

    I just wanted to get an opinion on what you thought of this test and the results…


    Thank You, Lenny

  6. JOHN

    In reply to Graham Houghton. You are right 23 years ago I failed an ishihara C.B test to be an aircraft refueller. I argued with the doctor (a General practitioner) that I was not colour blind and could see all the major colours.He had a large glass container full of jellybeans and after I successfully named every colour jellybean he passed me and I have been an aircraft refueller ever since.However every three years I have had to go through this test for my dangerous goods licence and have had to talk my way around it.Now I refuse to do this test (but am still employed as an aircraft refueller)on the grounds that I have done the job without problem for the last 23 years.

  7. Maximillion

    Hi thr, I am diagnosed with colourblind, had a minor breakdown after hearing what the doctor said. I cant immediately distinguish the numerical letters in the circle esp. those in green. Can anyone tell me is it serious? Because i’m doing architecture study, i’m praying sincerely that it wont affect my study and my career in the future. Yet, I haven’t come across any difficulties in my study…

  8. Graham Houghton

    Maximillion. You must go and see a specialist. They have a battery of tests they can use to determine whether or not you have a colour perception deficiency and how severe it is. I think it’s time that someone challenged the validity of the Ishihara test in the courts. I am more and more convinced that the test is deeply flawed and some recent research results involving colour and synaesthetes have produced some interesting possible lines of enquiry. The medical profession is a difficult one for non-specialists to deal with, but somehow we have to do it. They’ve been wrong before, sometimes horribly, e.g. thalidomyde.

  9. Maximillion

    Thanks Graham, I just went to the Eye Specialist. He didnt actually let me gone through any test, but just show me some of the circles that contain numericle numbers. I could distinguish some of them but not all of them. Then he with confident diagnosed that I’m a colourblind. I am totally upset. Is there any test online I could be going thru? I am not sure too whether Malaysia has this technology yet. I doubted it. Anyone, Please provide me some guidance. I am reluctant to try anything possible.

  10. Graham Houghton

    Maximillion, you must NOT give up and accept the result of one test, particularly the Ishihara test. I cannot see many of the figures in the Ishihara test, but I am NOT colourblind. It’s a little known fact that the full Ishihara test is much bigger than that usually given to most people. At the end there are a series of paths you have to trace with your finger. Some of these paths can only be seen by coloursighted people, the others can only be seen by colourblind people. Because I had been told I was colourblind, I volunteered for a battery of eye tests in the Opthalmology Department of Birmingham University in the UK when I became a student there. I passed all of them as coloursighted except the Ishihara Test. But the interesting thing about that was that I was able to trace BOTH the ‘coloursighted’ tracks and the ‘colourblind’ tracks at the end of the test. No one in the department could explain it. If that isn’t a flawed test, tell me what is. You have my permission to print this out, if you are able, and take it to your eye specialist. These people have been wrong before and I truly believe they are wrong about this. You may well have a colour perception defect, but the Ishihara test is by no means the definitive test.

  11. Maximillion

    Again! Thanks Graham. Yeah, I would not easily accept it since I am doubting myself to have been diagnosed that I’m colourblind! Thanks… I will ask around to be able to undergo this test. I’ll get u updated and inquire further if neccessary. Thank you so much Graham. I just tell myself that I’m abit unlucky :)

  12. Yen

    Some people can identify gross colors; that is, they are able to distinguish colors if presented one by one. Some cannot distinguish/identify a specific color if presented together w/ other colors. I call it “crowding”. This maybe due to uncorrected vision, or he/she may be color deficient. Failing in the Ishihara test is NOT indicative that a person is colorblind. Other confirmatory tests should be done such as the D15, Falant or Handy Rand Ritter test. If all these test fails, last resort is the Anomaloscope test.