Do Blue Colorblind People Have More Sleep Disorders?

I was contacted by a phd student of the Flinders University, Adelaide. She is looking for people suffering from blue-blindness (tritan color vision defects) as this could be in relation to their sleep wake cycle.

Read more in the following sentences from Claire. And if you are interested, please contact her directly. I think it would be very interesting for all of us to learn more about this topic.

I am a new phd student starting out at Flinders University, Adelaide. I am also doing a medical degree too. It has been discovered that blue light is most effective in re-setting peoples circadium rhythm (sleep wake cycle). But exactly why and how is completely unknown.

The only way a definitive experiment could be done would be to see if someone who could not see blue could still have their circadium rhythm reset or not. It would be the first experiment of its kind because the condition is so rare. As well as publishing awareness of colour blindness, particularly rare forms, it may also lead to investigations of whether people who have defective blue photoreceptors are more likely to have sleep disorders.

The experiments are very simple. Basically the participants just have to wear a pair of glasses that shines some light into their eyes at a certain time of the day (e.g. in the morning for an allotted amount of time), then later saliva is taken to measure melatonin (indicator of circadium rhythm). No one had thought of doing it with colourblind people before, and the proffessor actually laughed at me and said it would be impossible to find anyone, anywhere with such colour blindness. But colour blindness is not as rare as people think, and I am on a mission to find them.

So anyone who could help or even just explain their condition to me would be so much appreciated. Please anyone contact me at walk0299[at], I would be so happy just for any information on your condition, and how it affects your life in general. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much – Claire

Claire, if you have any results ready, please let me know so I can share them with the readers of Colblindor.