Khaki – the Color of the Colorblinds

If you are colorblind and are looking for a new job choose either hunter or soldier. According to the article “In Combat, Stick with the Colorblind” in the latest issue of Discover Magazin you could belong to the top in one of those prefessions. English scientist discovered that colorblind people are much better in distinguish different khaki colors. And out of that they concluded, that colorblind people make good hunters or soldiers. I never hunted but I was in the army, it’s compulsory in Switzerland. We were wearing those funny clown costumes and sometimes we were even digging through the mud. Personally I never thought I could make out my counterparts and just because of my color blindness I was definitely not a better soldier. The scientists even hypothesize that we colorblind are a revolutionary relic because we can spot predators or hidden food. This makes me feel good – being a bit closer to our ancestors and not only being handicapped but even have an advantage over the not colorblind under us.