Olympic Wintergames Recap

The games are over. Torino is going back to daily business. Efforts to spot the difference between gold and bronze medals are diminishing. What lasts is:

  • Curling is very nice to watch. Particularly because the stonecolors for the two parties is yellow/red and not green/red, great to distinguish. By the way CurlingBasics.com is great to learn and see in action the curling – well – basics.
  • Left – right – left … stands for slalom. The poles are blue and red alternately. Most of the time I can’t see which is which. But maybe it’s more because of their speed than my color blindness.
  • Ice hockey teams are tough. And I could always distinguish the two teams. I remember a time when the dresses weren’t always so far apart from each other in my eyes.
  • And short track is fast, very fast and wasn’t shown enough on our tv stations.

By the way, Switzerland finished on the 8th place counting medals with 5 gold, 4 silver and 5 gold medals.