RGB is not Hue-Saturation-Value

In a recent article I had a closer look at eyePilot. In my tests two bugs showed up which I reported to the producers of eyePilot.

The more severe bug where they show some wrong RGB values is based on some simple circumstances. This doesn’t excuse the factor that the bug crept into released software. But read yourself the answer from Dennis Purcell, Senior Scientist at Tenebraex Corporation:

Dear Mr Flueck,

You are absolutely right — the rgb values are not correct. In fact, they are the hue-saturation-value numbers that we used for developing the color assignments. At one time they were part of the readout, until we figured that most people would be satisfied with rgb — the right rgb, that is! And it certainly was careless not to have checked those numbers before release. […]

thanks and best wishes,

Dennis Purcell
Senior Scientist
Tenebraex Corporation

So dear programmers living out there. Please test your software, test it twice and let it be tested by others before release date. We don’t want to be beta-testers. That is something we already know from the products released by a company called Microsoft…

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