A Colorblind Decides on Colors

I am redesigning my blog. This of course involves some decisions about colors. Ohhh, how I hate it. I mean, in my eyes the chosen colors look great, fit together and don’t jump into your eyes and disturb the overall impression of the page. But if I show my color ideas to somebody not colorblind they often put a smile on their face.

This is maybe hard to imagine how it feels for somebody not struggling with color blindness. But for me it is not funny at all. I try to give my best, use tools who support your decisions of colors and try to stick just to a handful of colors. Still, there has to be always somebody around who judges my creations so I can make the adjustments for the ones without color vision deficiency.

There are only tools around which show you how a page or a picture look like if you are colorblind. But none of them works the other way around. How would it be great to have a tool which tells you its feelings when parsing your newly designed page. And only if the tools mood says “I’m feeling great” you would be sure that your chosen colors fit the eyes of the not colorblind population of our world.

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2 responses on “A Colorblind Decides on Colors

  1. Murli

    Daniel, your new design looks really cool. Yes, even through the eyes of a non-colorblind person. Congratulations. Murli