Some Pearls about Color Blindness

Two weeks ago I posted about some stories from fellow colorblinds at the blogoshpere. Today I will have another look at the topic enclosing color blindness.

  • Jerry has written a pearl about Being Colorblind is No Fun. It is a quite old posting I found here but other users did like it very much and gave it 4.6 stars out of 5. What a like about it is, that even black and white television affects your color feeling.
  • Tim, Simon, Nicky and Ben have an online workbook for their E-Learning project. They want to teach 10 to 13 yeard olds about nutrition and energy. What I did like to hear very much is that they address color blindness in a recent Post Meeting article. Also have a look at there online teaching cards, they look nice and promising to me.
  • And as a last passing mention I point you to somebody who tries to figure out how Komodo dragons retain their color vision. Sounds irritating to me. And if you have a look at his livejournal homepage he definitely must have a problem with color vision.

That’s it for today. Have fun, enjoy reading and tell me how you struggle with color vision.

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