6 responses on “Blog Case Study

  1. Bevan Clark

    Congrats on getting featured. Great idea for a blog….ah…the stories we could tell.

    I found i was colour blind at about 13 when i decided i wanted to be a pilot, and got myself tested. Didnt really bother me, except for that reason, until i was about 20 when i was programming and was getting encouraged to do design work…..suffice to say I was never any good.

    oh….and there was that time that i got a job picking apricots as a teenager over summer holidays – i got the boot for picking too much green…

  2. Daniel Post author


    But anyway you are into design now Bevan. Or are you just doing the placement stuff and your workmates decide about the colors…

    Talking from fruits: I recently passed a banana to my wife to feed it to our son. He didn’t like it very much – it was still green…

  3. John MacIntyre

    Hi Daniel,

    My blog isn’t doing much better than yours in terms of hits. Fortunately, I wasn’t expecting it to, since it’s on such a narrow topic.

    But I do have 2 ideas which might help to create some buzz about your site:

    1. You guessed it, with a name like Fluck, you might want to use it more … it’s an eye grabber. (no offense)

    2. With your programming background, why not write a small flash app to show the effects of color blindness? What does everyday stuff look like with different types of color blindness. Even better allow them to upload thier own images, and see it.

    Anyway, good luck.

  4. Daniel Post author

    John, thanks for the input. Never thought my name is an eye grabber. Actually it is Flück. But as I don’t want to see it to be messed up I started using it without the ¨.

    Those kind of programs where you can upload an image and see what happens can be found at several places. I don’t want to invest just to have one more of them. But I already thought about programming. Maybe some kind of “your text on a ishihara plate”, I’m just not sure if I have enough time beside the blogging…