Albert Uderzo’s Sight

The french comic book artist Albert Uderzo, famous through his stories about Asterix, is colorblind. He says that this never was a problem for him. We don’t know from which color blindness he suffers and how pronounced his color blindness is. But it sounds anyway very impressiv to be such a well know artist while being colorblind.

Looked up at Wikipedia they say about Albert Uderzo:

He was actually born colour-blind with two extra fingers (which were surgically removed). His sight has since greatly improved.

As I understand this sentence has his color vision deficency diminished more and more since he surgically removed the two extra fingers. That’s a joke, isn’t it? For me there isn’t any relationship between those two circumstances. And how can color blindness greatly improve? This leaves me very puzzled and with a lot of questionmarks.

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