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ClearFlite Air Purifiers improved the accessibility of their web site. According to the news ClearFlite Air Purifiers Announces W3C Compliant Visually Impaired Web Site the company just released a new Accessible section on their site designed for people not only with severe visual impairment but also for those affected by color blindness.

Visiting their site including the Accessible section and speaking from a colorblind point of view I would like to share some universally valid conclusions.

  • Defective Color Vision ≠ Visual Impairment
    Don’t lump together people affected by color blindness and people with a severe visual impairment. A color vision deficiency doesn’t conclude poor eyesight. Therefore there is no sense in putting up a page written in large letters and suppose that somebody affected by color blindness makes use of it.
  • Design your Main Sites Colorblind Friendly
    If you want to improve the accessibility for people affected by color blindness think about redesigning your main site. Remember approximately every tenth men has some kind of color blindness and choosing some colorblind friendly color combinations usually doesn’t hurt that much.
  • Point out your Efforts
    There is no reason why you shouldn’t point out to all visitors that you made some special efforts to improve the accessibility of your site. People appreciate it, the one’s who can make use of it can easily find and understand your efforts and with all other’s you will score well.

Think about these points when you have plans improving the accessibility of your web site.

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Direct link to the news article: ClearFlite Air Purifiers Announces W3C Compliant Visually Impaired Web Site