Color Blindness Testing Poster for Children

Mike McLane’s son is colorblind but they didn’t really found out about it until his son was in the 4th grade. By knowing about his deficiency only afterwards teachers could support him and so Mike’s son didn’t receive bad test results anymore just because of his red-green color blindness.

That is why Mike created a Color Blindness Testing Poster. It can be used as an initial screening. Only if a child can not see the numbers and signs on it a doctor should be consulted for proper testing. The poster works very well with children of age 5 or 6 years, as Mike writes on his web site.

Color Blindenss Testing Poster

Hover over the image to unveil the signs

As for my person I just feel like a blind man when I look at all the dots. Only at the bottom to the left and right side I can see some lines and that’s about it. Nothing else! Well, if I look very close I can see some numbers. Somewhere I spotted the number 99 until my wife corrected me — it is the number 79.

There are approximately 8% of men affected by color blindness. As a conclusion there is about in every school class a child which has some kind of color vision deficiency and usually this isn’t recognized immediately. But if the teacher and the child would know about it there learning experience could be improved a lot.

Color blindness is frustrating not only for the affected child but also for teachers. It can lead to unexplainable test results, completely wrong answers and misunderstandings. If color blindness is understood a teacher can support affected children by choosing correct colors, supporting colors with signs and be a helping hand if colors are the source of understanding for example in biology classes.

Arlene Evans found out about this lack of information when she was working as a school teacher. That’s why she wrote a book on color vision deficiency for children to explain this phenomenon in simple words and pictures. She also gives some hints and tipps for everyday life. The book is not only a good source of information for children but also for teachers and helps to better understand color blindness and how you can support children affected by this deficiency.

Dear teachers, please learn more about color blindness, try to understand it, be aware of it whenever colors are involved or even buy one of this posters. You are confronted with color blindness every day — even if you don’t know about it yet.

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Direct link to the Color Blindness Testing Poster web site.

15 responses on “Color Blindness Testing Poster for Children

  1. Daniel Fluck Post author

    Yes I am; it is unbelievable to me as well but my wife says she can clearly see all thos numbers and signs.

    You can load the picture into photoshop and play around with color channels or hue filters. Sometimes then the hidden stuff appears even to my colorblind eyes.

  2. Mo

    I was checking to see if my 3 year old daughter might be colorblind and to my horror I cannot make out anything on this image!!

  3. Tyler

    Well I hate to say it but I can’t see a single thing out of that. Lucky for me all of my brothers can’t either so atleast I wont get picked on. Why does it have to be a kid drawing though? Doesn’t make me feel any better…..

  4. Daniel Flück Post author

    Actually it’s not only for kids, but easier for them to talk about balloons and houses than just simple numbers or relating colors to each other.

    Funnily enough it sometimes takes a long time to find out if you are colorblind yourself.

  5. Carol

    I discovered I have some sort of colour blindness having made a mega error buying something. Having tried the tests on line I asked for a screening- not possible- waste of money can’t do anything- so I am just routing around the internet trying to find out in what areas my problem lies- I can’t see the poster either!

  6. Johnson

    just becuase you cant see anything in that image doesnt mean your colorblind…unlike any of you im actually colorblind.

  7. winledbetter

    I must not be color blind because I can see all of the numbers, a tree, a person flying a kite, an airplane, a car, a little house/shed, and the sun. Can’t wait to have my husband and two young boys look at it though. Hopefully they can see everything that I did.

  8. adam clarke

    these tests are silly, i can’t see the images at all, but colourblindness does not affect any part of my everyday life. I want to join the fire brigade, will these tests affect my chances?

  9. Haidar Al-Saimary

    Unfortunately, i am color blind i have been color blind since i was 6 years of my age and now i am 16 years of age still cant see it and i am doing a Gene tic’s Assessment and i need to know how you become color blind ;).

  10. Chuck

    I can’t see a darn thing in that poster, and i’m definitely not colorblind. I suspect it works better when it is full sized.

  11. Jenny

    Actually I purchased this poster a few years back and it does work better in person than online. Just looking at the image provided here will not determine if you are colorblind but if you suspect you might be perhaps you should consult a doctor. They should be able to determine if you are colorblind and which type of colorblindness you have. This image is based on the Ishihara test (the one where numbers are “hidden” in circles of spots) and was designed to help determine if children are color blind. You can become color blind later in life by damaging your eyes, say from sun or injury.

  12. Gary

    I have this poster & have put it before many guests to mixed effect. Lighting plays a huge part in it – but it’s not an “easy read” to anyone (unlike the “key” illustration which plays up all the things in this boldly.) Single & double numbers are sprinkled all over it & with great concentration & bright light, even this “strong” Deutan color defected sufferer can see some of them. It was cool finding that viewing this through one theatrical lighting gel sample strip entitled “Sangria” magically made everything pop right out. I should try buying a sheet of that to attach to an inexpensive face shield/headgear cap when going on a Spring or Fall nature hike so as to experience the idea of the expensive color-correction lenses – on the cheap. :-)