Color Oracle

Color Oracle
Color Oracle

Color Oracle is a full screen color filter released by Bernhard Jenny of the Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich. Because the swiss federal institute of technology (ETH) is just around the corner of where I am living I proudly pass on some notes about this new tool.

As the tool is Mac only I couldn’t have a closer look at it because I am “PC only”. But the homepage gives some clues about the features of Color Oracle which are listed below.

  • Simulation of deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia
  • Dragable and resizeable information panel
  • System-wide menu and keyboard shortcuts
  • Saving of filtered screen images

As mentioned above if Color Oracle is turned on the actual full screen is appropriately simulated independently of the software you are using for designing your art.

And if you are not a proud owner of a Macintosh the team of Color Oracle provides some further links about similar tools and online possibilities for simulating colorblind vision.

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