Green Bananas

Two days ago it happend again. It wasn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last this happened to me.

Can you spot the Green Banana?

I like bananas. Not as much as my son does like or better love them, but I like them. If they are not too ripe with brown dots all over, that’s how I like them most. But of course they shouldn’t be green anymore. Yellow is the color, the color of a tasty bananas.

If you read the above sentences I suppose you can already spot the problem which arises when you are affected by color blindness and would like to eat a tasty banana.

Already when I am shopping I don’t see the difference between green and yellow ones. They all look ok to me. And at home the same problem arises again: When are they ripening from green to yellow?

And that’s why from time to time I start eating a green banana. Only one bite and even I recognize the mistake. You just can’t eat a green banana, they taste horrid.

Sometimes that really bothers me. They just look the same. I can’t see any difference at all. Everybody else has no problem to see the banana isn’t ripe yet. But through my colorblind eyes they aren’t distinguishable. And that’s why I have to swallow the bitter pill or better said the bitter bite of green banana sometimes.

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4 responses on “Green Bananas

  1. Sami

    I’m partly colorblind myself…

    Extremely light blue looks a lot like white, and light green looks like yellow.

    It’s really frustrating at times.

    It sounds mean to say this but I’m glad I’m not alone.

  2. Daniel Fluck Post author

    You are definitely not alone. Around one tenth of the male population suffers of some kind of color blindness. By the way through one of the online tests you can find out pretty well under which kind of color blindness your are suffering.


    Haha! Yes I completely understand. I have experienced this countless times! I also at one point helped my uncle pick peaches at a peach orchard because he said he’d pay me. But I picked too many unripe ones. The problem was I usually wasn’t too sure. I picked it and then realized it might be green so I would throw it on the ground. My uncle saw all the peaches on the floor and laughed. He still payed me but I wasn’t hired to help him anymore. :/ It was kind of funny.