Blogging for Colors

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger started a new group writing project about blog goals. As I missed the last project on the topic habits of highly effective bloggers (I think I wasn’t really in the target group anyway as I am quite new to blogging) I’m joining in this time.

As this is the 101st article at Colblindor this is another good reason to think about my blog goals and share my thoughts, why I’m doing this, why I’m trying to write good content and why color blindness is worth blogging about.

Here is my list of blog goals, rated in order of appearance:

  1. Get to know the colors of blogging. Five month ago I didn’t know anything about weblogs and blogging. From the first moment on I was very fascinated about how weblogs are defining the new internet area and a new type of information flow. This made me feel that I had to learn more about it and this can be done best when joining the blog community with my own project.
  2. Write about a colorful niche. Everybody can write about almost everything. I didn’t want to have another live journal and that’s why I’ve chosen this small niche I’m writing about now. Also I couldn’t find a website which highlights all the different topics around color blindness and I think I can produce some extra value here.
  3. Sprinkle colors in my English writing skills. As English is not my mother tongue this is a great place to improve my English skills. Not only because of that I have chosen to write this blog in English but also because of the English reading audience is much bigger than the German. This was also in the back of my mind when choosing the language because striving for a big readership is another reason for this blog I can’t deny.

Apart from the above blog goals I also have to admit that I am a techie. That’s why I can’t sit still for a week not to try out something new in my blog. And I am also addicted to statistics. Maybe because of my studies in mathematics I can’t take my eyes away from daily hits, visits, inbound links and much more.

And last but not least I would like to earn a lot of money from blogging. But this is something I don’t emphasize as my blog goal but something that’s most welcome as soon as it starts flowing.

8 responses on “Blogging for Colors

  1. Rodrigo Stulzer

    Hi Daniel!

    Nice Post!
    I also wrote to the writing project and think it’s a great tool to motivate people. I do not have English as my mother tongue like you and think it can improve my writing skills.

    And talking about color blindness I have a 3 years old boy that change green and yellow colors when asked about which one is which; just that colors. I think it’s just about the learning process but I’m not sure about that. Can you give some advice?


  2. Daniel Fluck Post author

    Rodrigo. I think three years is still a bit to young to make conclusions about color vision. Young children first have to learn and express their vision with the help of colors.

    You could have a look at the color blindness testing poster for children with him. First time have a look at the picture with your boy showing the pictograms. If he can point you out some of them you know he is fit for the test. Next time you show him only the dot picture and ask for some pictograms. Out of his reaction you can maybe learn something about your boys color vision.

    By the way, I think you don’t have to know if your boy is colorblind or not until he is ready for kindergarden or school. Before that you are otherwise maybe just pushing him to learn something he really can’t. Let him explore colors by himself.

  3. Jarkko Aho

    I can quarantee you that the desire to watch stats and hits has nothing to do with math. Ask anyone who is blogging and they will tell you that watching stats is secretly very sexy.

  4. Daniel Fluck Post author

    Very sexy – if the numbers are rising. At the moment they aren’t, so it isn’t very sexy watching them :-( But as I am not blogging for the numbers, that’s ok.

  5. Steve Edney

    Hi Daniel,

    I just found your site via the comments you left on my piece on colourblindness. Anyway great site, will be coming back, and going through your archives.